Michigan Trip Day 1: Traveling up North

As most of you know Branden’s Step Dad passed away in early June and we bumped up our Michigan trip so we could make it to his Memorial Service last Friday.

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The first day of our trip was a travel day. We woke up at 5am and headed to the airport for our flight, got right through security and boarded our plane within 10 minutes. The plane wasn’t completely full so we got to sit in the back so Ace didn’t bother anyone with his lovely seat kicking skills, the stewards were amazing and the flight went great.

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We land and get word that Branden’s step sister, who had a layover in Baltimore with us had a her connection canceled and we were slightly worried that ours would also be canceled.

 photo DSCN1047_zpscca2f6f3.jpg
Someone was nervous when we took off

Thankfully we got her and her daughter on our flight and after a 3 hour delay headed to Detroit. Ace passed out on the flight and we made it to Detroit around 6. We then had a 5 hour drive ahead of us.

 photo DSCN1050_zpsea20d2ce.jpg
Hanging with cousin Hailey in the Airport

Ace did really well considering the long day. Bran’s step sister Rita seriously made our drive so much easier. She is hilarious and super funny and we were all just cracking jokes the entire time.

We finally got to Rogers City around midnight and were ready for bed. I thought this was going to be the worst of our traveling, boy was I wrong! Our way home was insane!

I promise the rest of our trip was much more interesting and will have better pictures, ha!

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