Michigan Trip Day 2

After our long travel day we had to get up the next morning and get ready for Herman’s Memorial Service.

 photo DSCN1057_zps4a10de5b.jpg
Lunch after Herman’s Service

It was nice to see everyone but hate that it had to be under those circumstances. It was a nice service and afterwards we had lunch where my child decided to be the messiest eater ever! I swear if you put a white shirt on him, he will destroy it in 2 seconds flat.

 photo DSCN1071_zpsee29f4a8.jpg
Feeding the bunnies

After Ace’s nap Branden’s Mom and the rest of his siblings and baby nephew Elliot all came over to his brother Rodney’s house where we had a bar-b-q and hung out.

 photo DSCN1136_zpsb91bbef1.jpg
Salsa face! He looked like the Joker
 photo DSCN1100_zpsa44dfa94.jpg
Those eyes! 
 photo DSCN1094_zpsbbe31a93.jpg
Aunt Angie is so sweet with Ace
While we were waiting for dinner to be done Ace played outside and got to help Aunt Rochelle feed the bunnies. It is so beautiful there and the weather, though cold, was so nice. I was so over the Florida heat and humidity that I was really loving it there.

 photo DSCN1137_zpsfc2b12cd.jpg
Trying to pick up Elliot
 photo DSCN1155_zps93f5f5ed.jpg
Baby Elliot wasn’t a fan

Ace was obsessed with his little cousin. Elliot is only 3 months old so he wasn’t as big of a fan of Ace as Ace was of him.

Next up: Ace’s Michigan Birthday Picnic!

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