Guest Post: 5 Ways to Dress Your Best on a Budget

Five Ways To Dress Your Best On a Budget
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Sticking to a budget can be tough work, but there is no reason why you cannot dress well, even when funds may be tight! Here are five ways to dress your best on a budget: 

1. Shop Your Closet 
Before you ever spend a dime, do a thorough evaluation of your closet. Pull everything out and donate what you never wear. (Perhaps you can take your unwanted items to a consignment shop and actually make some money!) Take note of your favorite pieces and put together new outfit combinations. Brainstorm outfit ideas and figure out what you actually need before you ever go shopping. After all, if you shop without a plan you will likely end up over-spending! 

2. Hit Up the Outlet Malls 
When you are on the budget, outlet malls can be your best friend since everything is marked down! We recommend looking for sales offering 50% off or more for the best savings. Planning your trip to the outlet mall around a holiday will usually yield you even further savings. 

3. Shop Online 
You will almost always find the best shopping deals online. For double the savings, most online stores have sale sections and that is where you will find the really good deals!

4. Like Your Favorite Stores on Facebook 
One of the quickest ways to find a discount is to like your favorite stores on Facebook. Brands and retailers often give away coupons to their fans, and some stores often host product giveaways! Plus, liking your favorite stores will keep you in the know about the latest news and new product offerings. 

5. Think Quality, Not Quantity 
One of the easiest ways to dress well is to invest in your wardrobe. In certain situations, you will be better off saving to purchase a high quality item than purchasing something cheap that may fall apart immediately. One high quality blazer will look better than three cheap blazers and could cost the same amount! The same is true for jeans. Designer denim will look better and last longer than cheap denim. 

If you follow these five easy steps you will be on your way to dressing well on a budget in no time!

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