Ace’s 2nd Birthday Party

I know, I know, I am so late on posting Ace’s Birthday Party details but things have been quite crazy around here.
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Ace’s Pirate outfit from Zulily
First of all we did a Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme. Ace loves Cubby on Jake so we knew it was the perfect theme.
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Ace’s cake done by the Amazing Barbara
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Cake table before the cake arrived
I hunted down every Jake party idea on Pinterest and went to work. We had some cute party games that were perfect for a wide range of ages. We had toddlers to 12 year olds so it worked out really well.
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A couple days before my friend Erin and I went to town on making all the goodie bags, she was a lifesaver when it came to cute ideas on how to cut them and make them look like loot bags. We just used brown paper bags and pirate stickers and frayed the edges for the toddler’s bags and did zig zag cuts on the bags for the bigger kids.
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I used ribbons for the bandanas, eye patches from Target, stamps from a Disney store and Michaels
When the kids walked in they got to become a pirate with red, blue or pink ribbons to tie around their head, an eye patch and a “tattoo” which was stamps. Bran also made telescopes from these cardboard poles that were in the packaging for our patio furniture. He just taped the edges and painted them gold.
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First game we had the kids play was Feed Tic Toc Croc. I got a one of those 3 sided poster boards and just drew Croc on there then cut a hole where his mouth was and used some bean bags from a game from Ace’s Carnival theme party last year. The kids loved it.
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After that we did a Dig for Treasure game. This was a game I thought only the little kids would really like but I was wrong.
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First I filled a bucket half way with rice and then added some prizes I got from Party City. I covered those with rice, then added more toys and continued to do this till it was full and all the toys were covered. I made sure the kids could see parts of some of the prizes, added a big shovel and it was complete.
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We ended up covering the floor with a black garbage bag and let the little kids go first, well all the toddlers basically just played in the rice and didn’t even care about the toys so we let them bigger kids take turns grabbing 3 toys each while the little kids played in the rice. Everyone was happy and we could have let the littles do this for hours and they would have been happy.
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Since it was super rainy out we didn’t get to do all the outside things we wanted to do till the very end of the party so it ended up being kind of a hot mess with bubbles going everywhere and kids slipping but eventually we were able to set up the bounce house and get the kids energy out.
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Overall Ace had a lot of fun and so did his little friends. It was a fun theme and we loved being able to be creative with it.
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