Trendy Tot Tuesday: Gushy Shoes

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Ace has this saying when he wants to get all snuggly with blankets. He will say “Get gushy, Mommy” and we get all snuggled up with a blanket and he gets this cute smile on his face and wiggles around. It is so cute. We have no clue where this came from but its stuck. Anyway more on that later…

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I got these adorable shoes from Yochi and when I picked them out I just thought they were black skull shoes and they would be perfect for Halloween. Little did I know they were squeaky shoes. They are hilarious. Ace runs around in them and makes them squeak and what does he call them? GUSHY SHOES! Ha! I have no clue how he made the connection to the word gushy with the shoes but it is so funny that he calls them that. They are super soft and comfy so that might be it but either way he loves these shoes.

 photo 9accc4bd-7a60-4c7e-bc3f-092c7b86125f_zpsed17c23f.jpg

Overall these shoes are the perfect shoe for toddlers. I actually thought they would be perfect for Disney since its so crowded and if he walks off or something we will just listen for that little nugget to find him.

Does your little one have a pair of shoes or accessory they just love and have to wear?

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