Guest Post: Four Tips For Remodeling On a Budget


Home remodeling is a wonderful way to increase the value of your home, but it’s important not to go overboard and spend more than you end up gaining in value. Kitchens and bathrooms are the areas that tend to look dated the fastest, so these are the areas that homeowners are most likely to remodel. Be sure to plan your remodeling project carefully and have a realistic budget before you begin. 
Start Small 
The things that people notice the most in other people’s homes are often the smallest details. Just putting new pulls on your drawers and handles on your cabinets can bring a fresh look to your kitchen or bathroom. The hardware is inexpensive, and most people can change it themselves with little effort. You can install new covers on all your switch plates at the same time to update your rooms in just a few hours.
Rearrange Your Furniture or Appliances 
Simply rearranging a room can give it a completely different look and feel. It’s difficult to rearrange your kitchen because of the fixtures, but you can give your bedroom, living room or office an entirely different feel by changing the way the furniture is arranged. You may need to store a few things in your garage or outside while you are reorganizing, so pay closer attention to your home security to keep your belongings safe.
Add Mirrors and Lighting 
One of the biggest complaints that many homeowners have about their homes is the lack of natural light. Adding more windows to your home may be an option, but it is expensive and time consuming. Another option is to add a mirror on the wall opposite every window in your home to reflect the natural light. You can also add more lighting to dark corners and hallways to increase the amount of light in your home.
Replacing the decor items in your room with a new theme is another inexpensive way to change the look and feel of your home. Be sure to clear all of your old decor items out before adding new ones so that your spaces don’t end up looking cluttered and disorganized. Recovering your furniture or adding new accent pillows also changes the look of the room. A fresh coat of paint and new window blinds or curtains finish the updated look of any room. Repainting a room has a huge impact on how it looks and paint offers a big bang for your remodeling buck.


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