Who I am…

I saw Emily over at Live a Charmed Life do this and thought it was a cute idea.

I amBrenna.  A wife and stay at home mom to 3 beautiful children, blogger, and wanna be social worker.

I wantto be able to juggle being a Mom of 3 better. Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on things with my older two.

I havethe most incredible husband husband. He helps me so much with our children, cleans, cooks and can fix anything. I am so blessed.

I wish…I had a better milk supply for Everly. Breastfeeding has been a struggle.

I hatethat Everly has a sensitive stomach like Ace. You can tell when it bothers her and I just hate seeing her uncomfortable.

I fear…not living fully. I always want to embrace life and be positive and a good person. I am not always successful at it but I do try.

I hearsports on the TV, Ace talking to Branden and him scooting a chair.

I searchfor ways to up my milk supply, ha! 

I wonder…what my kids will be when they get older, what kind of relationship they will all have and what kind of fun Branden and I will be getting into when we are empty nesters! 

I regretsomethings about my Mom’s death. It’s too hard to explain but I tried my best to always be honest with her and I was there every day with her when she was in the hospital and dying but there is one regret I have about it all.

I loveBranden, Ace, Ashlyn, Everly, and our life together. I also love my family and friends. I really do have incredible relationships with people and they have become so much stronger since my parents passed away and having my girls. 

I achefor one more day with each of my parents. Just to say a few more things to them.

I alwayslook forward to some alone time to clear my head and destress at the end of the day. 

I usuallytake a bath to relax and read gossip magazines.

I am notthe best at being a housewife, I think my husband would be way better at it. Sure I am good with the kids be he takes the cake when it comes to household chores, keeping up with the outside and cooking.

I dancelike a true white girl but I love it.

I singlike a hot mess, especially when my husband is in the car and I turn on music he does not want to listen to.

I neverwant to have regrets with my children.

I sometimesdrive with the windows down, AC up, music way up and a little bit fast when I need to get out of the house alone. 

I am not alwaysthe best Mom. I get overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated but I try my best.

I lose…my phone all.the.time. No one ever expects me to have it near me.

I am confuseda lot. 

I needfor Everly to grow out of this colicky phase. It sucks and I hate seeing her miserable.

I shouldgo get some fro-yo with Ace tonight!

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  1. I used Fenugreek (found at any nutritional store and probably Amazon) to naturally increase my milk supply, it worked great also drinking TONS of water. The only down side to Fenugreek is you start to smell like maple syrup, I figured it was better then onions or something horrible lol and babies had more milk so it was a win, win situation.

  2. Thanks Nicole! I started taking it this week so I am hoping it works for me. I haven't started to smell like maple syrup yet so I am guessing when that happens I am getting closer to getting more milk? lol

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