Surviving a Restaurant with 3 under 3!

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When you having three children going out to eat can be a somewhat terrifying mission.  We are officially out numbered and two of those children are babies making their need for us all consuming at times. 

 photo 10382441_248947325229388_4630935890997630476_n_zps54083934.jpg
Ashlyn’s outfit: Southern Tots, Headband: Similar
Ace’s Shirt: The Printed Palette, Shorts: U.S. Polo

Branden and I have only taken the kids out to eat with family, never just us and them. We attempted it on Father’s day but with the wait we said screw it and went to lunch later with my family. We all took turns holding a baby or entertaining Ace. It worked out but the thought of doing that alone made me feel more than overwhelmed. 
This morning, though, I said “let’s go to Crackle Barrel!”
Bran has been wanting to go ever since Father’s day so I figured since it wasn’t Sunday it wouldn’t be too busy. We got there and it was only a 15 minute wait. Score!

 photo 10430386_248949185229202_5290091545840078980_n_zps2729db6a.jpg
Everly’s Romper: Southern Tots
Headband: Similar

We got in, Everly had her bottle and passed out and we were set. Ashlyn loves feeding herself so we got biscuits to start and she chomped on those. Ace was overall really well behaved with only some minor reprimands. 
I seriously felt like we were finally coming out of that crazy fog of constant crying and whining for attention. Sure, it’s not always constant but when you go out and they all need your attention that is exactly how it feels. 
I will say I knew it would be hard having 3 children under the age of 3 but I think you can never quite get it till you are there. I knew the first 3 months after Everly came it was going to be somewhat of a nightmare and if we could just get through that we would be ok and I definitely see that happening. Everly though had a lot more issues than Ace and Ashlyn as a newborn so that made it even more difficult but now she is a happy little baby and Ashlyn is such a sweet girl that they just make life so much more incredible. Ace is the cutest big brother to them too.
I think we are finally getting this parenting of three down! 

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