Ashlyn’s Adoption Finalization!

This past weekend we celebrated Ashlyn’s adoption finalization.
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We finalized her adoption on Wednesday and celebrated with family on Sunday.
It was so weird for it to finally be finalized. We have had to do so much to get to this point that it seemed so simple in that moment. 

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Everly’s Shirt / Ashlyn’s Shirt  / Headband

Our attorney called us on FaceTime and we were able to see the judge (we finalized in California but didn’t have to fly out for the hearing) and we had Ashlyn on our laps so she could be apart of it. 

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Headband / Chair

It took a total of 10 minutes and we were done. So simple.
It was 12 months and 12 days since we found out about our little princess and decided to adopt her. 
12 months and 12 days since we knew we would be a family of 5 and had no idea what all that would entail.
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I still think back on that day and how everything came together. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and getting to be her parents is the most incredible experience. She is the sweetest baby and we imagine our lives without her. 
She sure enjoyed her cake to celebrate officially becoming a Kania! 
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