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I have been slack-a-lackin over here but I swear it isn’t my fault! We have been super busy to say the least so hold on tight for a photo overload. 
First of all how adorable are my girls in these flower crowns I made? 
 photo 10551112_257639651026822_5962187296227811789_n_zps1bd0cd85.jpg
 photo 10653661_257639704360150_121100098950000345_n_zpsd3362216.jpg
Ok so moving on…
First of all we were always for a bit hanging with Mickey at Disney World. 
 photo 10562925_256318927825561_7592166570165036569_n_zps0c13ca2d.jpg
Ace was a champ riding Goofy’s Barnstormer 
 photo 10635848_256319171158870_944134432617351769_n_zps61ed793b.jpg
I got to hang out with my bestie and her girls, don’t mind me looking like a hot mess but my shirt is pretty awesome, right?
 photo 1506808_256643524459768_3188604352454621072_n_zpsca6efe63.jpg
We did some Target shopping.
 photo 10671504_256736487783805_7801142605018734008_n_zps1f252332.jpg
Ace had his last soccer game where he “won”. Every time he walks off the field he won, so it’s super cute and adorable. 

 photo 10414378_257107931079994_4805868806976997383_n_zps8b0420ea.jpg
Button up / Similar Shirt / Booties / Purse

I went to Target again, check out my booties? I am OBSESSED. By the way when my husband saw this picture the only thing he cared about was how much stuff was in my tiny basket behind me, oy!
My sister had her baby! 
 photo 10610650_257190754405045_4985335077434161007_n_zpsccfc043c.jpg
Ms. Valentina came at 1:17am and was 7 lbs 5ozs of adorable-ness
 photo 10345830_257220561068731_5311046217845718188_n_zps3f71338d.jpg
Ace got to meet his cousin, how sweet is he?
 photo 10649556_257298941060893_5250819297826206423_n_zps612d1358.jpg
Ace’s doll got a tattoo at preschool, apparently us not writing his name on it meant they had to in the most obnoxious place. I love his school but come on! Thankfully this doll was free and he doesn’t seem to mind. 
 photo 10672063_257376261053161_3495470610102956394_n_zps9a98505c.jpg
I got these adorable sticky notes at the dollar section at Target, are you sensing a trend here? This might be why my husband was eyeing my basket with concern.
 photo 10592638_256849314439189_4091683695425858814_n_zps8fd92a19.jpg
And the most devastating thing of all happened, Ashlyn spilled Branden’s chocolate milk onto our new rug, sigh. Thankfully Bran was able to get it up. 

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