Top Five Favorite Holiday Card Ideas!

As the Holiday Season draws near I can’t wait to order Christmas cards for our family and friends this year. In previous years I have completely slacked and either didn’t get around to them or only gave them out to people I saw in person because it was just too crazy around here to get them mailed out.
This year though we had our first family photo shoot with my friend Lindsay. She got some great pictures and I can not wait to send them out in our Christmas cards. Minted has a large collection of Christmas Cards and that is just the place to look!
Here are my top card ideas from Minted
1. Simple. I love the idea of really showcasing your family’s photo. Having simple lettering across the bottom makes a statement without taking anything away from your family photo. 

 photo MIN-X46-CHR-001JCHRISTMAS_A_PZ_zps62a8241c.jpg
2. Mini Books. Minted has this clever idea of using your holiday card as a photo book. This is the perfect card for those who want to send out more than one photo.
 photo MIN-HT1-HMB-001_A_PZ_zps2717485f.jpg

3. Silliness. Having three kids we are in a constant state of silliness. Our kids love to be goofy and laugh. Showing off their cute, fun side with this goofy Santa’s Little Helpers card is one of my favorite ideas. The hats just make the card!
 photo MIN-XZ9-CHR-001CHRISTMAS_A_PD_zpsdbdcea79.jpg

4. Doubles as an ornament. Whenever I get Christmas cards I never know what to do with them after the holidays are over. I end up putting the pictures away in a box and forget about them. This is such a cute way to save the photos of those special to you and have them out each year. It is great for Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and yourself.

 photo MIN-LW6-HOC-001WCHRISTMAS_A_PD_zps90848a89.jpg

5. Year in Review. My absolute favorite is this card. I love that you can get your most precious and important moments as a family all in on this card. Such a fun way to share your memories!
 photo MIN-23H-HYC-001NEWYEAR_A_PZ_zpsda63e016.jpg

And don’t forget you can do some one stop shopping and get Christmas gifts for your loved ones here. My favorite ideas are their calendars. I am planning on making one for myself as well.
Disclaimer: This post is Sponsored by Minted. All ideas and thoughts are my own.

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