Thanksgiving and BIG NEWS!!!

I hope everyone had a relaxing Thanksgiving break.
We spent the day at my Aunt Lillie and Uncle Dave’s which was so great. She and my Mom were super close and my Uncle Dave has a similar sense of humor as my Dad so it was really nice just being with them. The babies loved exploring their place, especially Ashlyn. She is so content just crawling around and investigating. Everly still wasn’t feeling great so she just wanted to be held. Ace had a blast playing with his cousins Kelvin and Alessandro since they are older than him and he loves being around the big kids. 
 photo thanksgiving2014_zpse4211d76.jpg
Did anyone do Black Friday shopping? We aren’t into the big deals but we do go and try to get PJ’s and little things if we are up to it. Branden went while I stayed home with the kids. He just went to Target and Wal Mart, nothing too exciting.  photo parkpictures_zps3657cf72.jpg
The rest of the weekend consisted of us getting ready for our BIG NEWS!!
This upcoming week will be a  big event for my Boutique! Monday and Tuesday my friend Erin and I will be participating in Temple Beth Emet’s Holiday Shopping Boutique.   It will give people a chance to really see all our clothes and accessories in person. We also have some new Frozen items! I can not wait to set everything up. If you would like to come by, I would love to meet you! The address and times are listed in the photo below. 

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-30at121802PM_zps24cc5952.png

I am thinking of doing a raffle for everyone who makes a purchase, what do you think would be a fun giveaway?

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