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Everly at 10 months, Ashlyn at 15 months

By on January 19, 2015

Since I am the worst at doing monthly updates for the girls I am just going to do them together. 

Ashlyn is at a really fun and cute age. I love that she understands so much and tries to talk to us. She still doesn’t really say words like Ace did at this age but she definitely tries to tell us what’s up. She does a lot of pointing and babbling with it. Right now she is able to say go, wow, mama, baba, more and signs more. 

Everly’s new thing is WALKING! This girl is too much. She started taking steps at 8 months and is now full on walking. I seriously can’t believe it. 
Both of the girls had a very fun Christmas. They got baby dolls, a baby doll crib, stroller and carseat. We also got them some other toys but baby dolls was definitely the theme for this Christmas. 

They both are in similar sizes. Ashlyn fits in 12-18 months awhile Everly fits in 9-12 months. Both girls are up to the higher sizes mostly for height. Everly is very thin while Ashlyn still has a bit of the chub but has thinned out a lot but overall they are getting closer in size which is crazy. 
Personality wise Everly is still our crazy girl and Ashlyn is our sweet gentle one. They both are stubborn though. They are each others best friends as well. They love making each other laugh which is to die for. 
Ashlyn is a total Mommy’s girl still and Everly is much more independent and would rather be walking around and exploring. Ashlyn loves being held and cuddled. Ashlyn also loves to sing into her Frozen Magical Microphone.

Overall the girls are on a similar eating and sleeping schedule, 2 naps and sleep 12 hours at night. I would like to move them to one nap a day but Everly still is in that in between stage where she still needs the morning nap. Ashlyn could be moved to one nap so depending on the day she will get one instead of two.

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