Happy Valentine’s Day

By on February 16, 2015

How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day? Mine was great! 

Branden and I took the kids down to the beach in the morning. It was chilly here so we let them play in the sand for a bit. It was the girls first real time playing at the beach. The last time we all went to the beach together was a week or two before Everly was born so Ashlyn was not even 5 months old yet. 

Ashlyn loved the sand. She tried to eat it once but then after that was good about putting it in the bucket. Everly just wanted to walk around and Ace also loved playing in the sand. It was seriously so nice to just watch them play and enjoy themselves. 

After that we got Ace ice cream at this little ice cream place we went to for his birthday with our friends in the summer. He was so excited to get a Sponge Bob ice cream, so cute! 
After that we walked around for a bit but decided to head back home since my cousin was going to watch the kids.

Branden and I decided to go see 50 Shades of Grey. I never read the book so I only knew a little bit about it. I figured it was basically a romance novel but quickly realized it was a really weird story about a man who was neglected and abused with serious control issues. I think I said “this is so weird, I can’t handle this” through the majority of the movie. The funny thing is the sex wasn’t even the weirdest part for me. I mean that was a bit intense but the way he tried to control Anastasia and his barriers was just sad and tragic. Anyway I still am wondering how women were turned on or attracted to him (in the book). I thought he was a good looking guy till his character ruined it for me. 

Moving on, then we took a nice romantic stroll around Target. I know, my homeland. I mean seriously if you know anything about me you know this made my day, ha! 
Branden and I also got this app called ShopKick and you get “kicks” for walking into stores, scanning things and buying things as well. If you get a certain amount you get gift cards. I already got a Target one. It’s pretty cool. If you go to the mall which I did the other day you will get a ton of Kicks. 
You can check it out HERE if you are interested. I am all about some free gift cards.
Even though our Valentine’s Day wasn’t all that eventful it was probably my favorite yet. I think the fact that we had all our babies with us in the morning, enjoying such a perfect day just made the whole day. I seriously can’t believe I am so lucky. 

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Everly’s First Birthday Plans!

By on February 12, 2015

I have been planning Everly’s First Birthday party for about a month or two now and I am getting so excited about it.
We are going with a Cinderella theme to tie in Happily Everly After. I have been pinning things like crazy and have already been busy ordering things to make it perfect.
I feel like since this is my last baby’s first birthday I want to give her as much of a special birthday as her siblings. Ace had a fun Carnival/Circus theme and Ashlyn’s was a Halloween dress up party. I love planning their birthdays but I know the older they get the less I will get to decide on. They will start having their own opinions and ideas of what they want. Ace is already planning his 4th birthday party which apparently will be super hero theme. 
So far for her birthday we have a Cinderella coming to sing songs and tell a story and I ordered tutus, crowns and super hero capes for the kids to dress up in. I figured that was more fun than goodie bags. I also bought princess beach balls for the babies to play with. This is what I did for Ace’s party and the babies loved it. I failed on that one for Ashlyn’s. 
My best friend is awesome and wants to make Everly’s birthday cake! Oh and it will also be a dessert party since it will be at an in between time for eating. Probably not the best idea to do before dinner, sorry everyone!
I still have to figure out decorations but I have lots of ideas! 
I still can’t believe in just over a month my last baby will be One Year Old!

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The Sponge Bob Movie: Sponge Out of Water Screening!

By on February 5, 2015

Last night Branden and I took Ace were invited to the very first Mamarazzi® event in Miami for a special viewing of The Sponge Bob Movie: Sponge Out of Water by The Moms and Norwegian Cruise Lines

It was such a fun event with yummy treats and character meet and greets. 
Ace fell asleep on the way down to Miami so when we got there and woke him up he was being a bit sensitive. He saw Sponge Bob and Patrick and got super nervous.
We headed over to the cupcake table and that seemed to warm him up to getting a picture with the big guys!
After we took pictures we headed into the theater and got our 3D glasses. This was Ace’s first time watching a 3D movie and he did awesome!
Denise and Melissa from The Moms made a few announcements before the movie started and picked someone to win a Norwegian Cruise trip. It wasn’t me so I was super jealous of the winner.
After we got some delicious Pirates Booty we sat back and watched the movie. First of all I didn’t realize Antonia Banderas was in the movie. Love him!

Second, the movie had some great humor for not only the kiddies but for the adults too.

At the end of the movie we got to check out a clip for Norwegian Cruise Lines and I had no idea they had Nickelodeon characters on the ship. When I saw that I knew it would have to be my next cruise to take. Ace would love it! Here is what they have to offer…

Dora’s Dance Party
Nickelodeon’s Pajama Jam Breakfast
Nickelodeon Arts & Crafts
Meet & Greet Nickelodeon Characters

They also have some incredible water slides! I can not wait to plan my next vacation with Norwegian Cruise Lines! 

The Sponge Bob Movie: Sponge Out of Water is in theaters February 6th so go check it out!

I received tickets to view this movie . I was not paid for this post. All opinions and statements are my own. 

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