Don’t Rush It

Pool Day! (Everly was sleeping)

This past month (or months I should say) have been so busy. With vacations, birthdays, showers and a wedding it has been pure craziness.
Now that it is March we are zeroing in on Everly’s FIRST birthday! I can’t believe my little baby girl is going to be one. Since we decided she will be our last baby it is a very bitter sweet celebration.
Anyone else feel this way about their last babies first birthday? The ending of an era so to speak. We will be entering into a new stage of life. A stage of toddlerhood and kiddie-hood. A stage of walking, talking and independence. It makes me want to cry and smile all at the same time. 
I was never one for the newborn stage but I always loved the toddling age. I love how they have these funny personalities and are learning to talk and express themselves. It is incredible to watch. My kids have all been such sweet, awesome, fun kids that I can’t imagine what else life has in store for us. They are also all so different and I love that. I have one who has always been extremely smart, silly and fun. Another one who is super loving, sweet and nurturing. Then my little firecracker, wild, hot tempered and a killer personality. They all have so many incredible things about them that I think “I can’t wait to see who they become” then I stop myself and saying “don’t rush it”. 
I think that scares me more than anything. I hate the statements like it goes by so fast and just yesterday they were babies. I get sick to my stomach over it. I think about how fast it went with my parents. They are gone and I am 30, almost 31 and that’s it. They aren’t here. I want to enjoy every moment with my kids and cherish it, not rush it. So when I start thinking I can’t wait for this I stop myself. Another reason Everly’s birthday is bitter sweet because it did come in a flash and now she is a walking, babbling little toddler. She is no longer a baby (hell, she was never a baby, she refused being a baby). 
Time is precious and sometimes you really focus on how precious it is. I hope I never lose sight of this. I hope it is forever in my mind that I have to cherish it all. 

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