How do you do it?

I often get this question a lot. “How do you do it?” 

I think people see three young children and assume it’s the hardest, most stressful life there ever was! I mean yes, having 3 under the age of 4 (and at one point 3 under 3) can be rough, especially when two of them are only 5 months apart. 
I often get comments like “Bless you!” or “You really have your hands full!” and of course the infamous “How do you do it?!”  I get it, we can look like a spectacle at times. 
So how do I do it? Well, it’s like anything in life, you just do because you have no choice. 
Every day we get up, try to follow a general routine and get through the day with as many laughs as we can. My house is rarely ever not cluttered with baby stuff and if I could fully finish laundry it would be a miracle. Half the time my kids are running around in only diapers and underwear because pulling pants up and down every time someone needs a diaper change gets old. Also if you have met Everly you will know this is no easy feat. The girl loves to scream and spin whenever she is changed. 
I also have a husband who wins in the Daddy category. Whenever someone asks how I do it he is my answer. Branden picks up so much of my slack. He is a cleaning machine, plays with the kids and keeps our house from falling apart all while working. He is a savior and I am lucky to call him mine. I think people assume the Moms do it all or maybe the Dads are only there for the fun parts but not in our family. Branden takes on so much and I am very grateful. I don’t think I tell him enough. 
So my house is a slight disaster and my kids are half dressed but at least they are happy the majority of the time. I may be going slightly nuts through out the day but they are pretty oblivious to it. We go through harder times and super easy times but overall we make it because we just do. We learn what works and what doesn’t and go with what does. 
People have asked for a Day in the Life post so I will try to get that done for you all! 
How do you make it work with your family? 

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