Easter 2015 Recap

Easter weekend was pretty low key. 

My top // Everly’s Dress // Ashlyn’s Dress // Ashlyn’s Shoes // Branden’s Shorts // Ace’s shirt: Similar

On Saturday Branden and I took the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt at our Church. My cousins, sister’s family and my friend Melissa and her little family all came too. 
This would be Everly and Ashlyn’s first egg hunt so I was so excited to watch them get eggs.
Church had bounce houses and slides which Ace loved. He had so much fun. It was super hot out since there was no clouds in the sky and the sun was brutal so that was probably the only downfall of the day. 
After being there for an hour the egg hunts started. The youngest kids got to go first so it worked out perfect for us. 
Branden was in charge of Ashlyn and I was in charge of Everly and Ace ran off on his own to get eggs. Both the girls got two eggs and were happy as could be to have those two eggs. It was so cute watching how excited Everly was to find eggs. I wish Ashlyn had been by her so I could see her get them but Branden ran her over to us and then Ace came over so they all grabbed a few eggs together. 
After the egg hunt we had some lunch and the kids went down for a nap. Branden had to work so I had my cousin and her friends come over and babysit while I went out with my other cousin and friend Melissa to a movie. I went and saw Cinderella for the second time. I love that movie! 
After the movie Melissa and I went to Target then headed back to my house where we sat around talking to the girls for awhile. It is so fun listening to teenagers talk about things. I was seriously cracking up. 
Sunday I was feeling really down. I think not having my parents around always makes holidays a little hard on me. I usually can pick up and move forward and be happy but I think Branden having to work late in the day didn’t help. Ace did love his Easter basket and was so cute talking about all his stuff. I got him the 101 Dalmatians movie, a book, a little car to paint and a new Mario cup. I am not big on giving candy so until he asks for it I will probably stick with that kind of stuff for him for Easter. He got enough candy at the egg hunt. I also will add a bathing suit to all their baskets like my Grandma used to do but Ace still fits in his swim trunks from the last two years that he has too many already and the girls just got new swim stuff so that tradition will start next year.
For the girls I just got them the Polar Bear, Polar Bear and Panda Bear, Panda Bear books , these sippy cups and bunny crackers. They are obsessed with books so they were very happy with their gifts. 
What did you all do for Easter? Do you have any traditional Easter gifts you like to give your kids?

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