When your kid loses their ever loving mind!

So I am pretty sure my son was possessed yesterday. It was like something or someone took over his little body and turned him into a complete mess.

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We started our day with swim lessons. I had to take the girls with me since Branden had to be at work early so I grabbed Starbucks to get me through. 
He was great at swim, his instructor was using him as the example since he was doing so well. Then we go to the grocery store and overall the kids were really well behaved. 

Then we head home and that is when the sh*t hit the fan. He was whining about anything and everything. Then he falls on his elbow and is hysterical. I felt horrible for him because that is like the worst! So he gets an ice pack and has a snack.

Later he is playing and runs into the island head first. Poor kid again was a mess. Then it’s lunch time and he bites his finger. At this point I was like what is going on here? Is this for real? Oh and he also got eaten by a mosquito in the car. If I could find that mosquito and pound him I would. My poor kids legs have like 6 swollen bites. 

The girls also didn’t want to nap, super fun.

My sister came over to watch the girls while I brought Ace to karate. He has class with his friend Brody who also had a totally off day. This of course is the day Branden gets to come watch him and he randomly starts crying while sitting on the mat. We were all so confused. Then he gets scared at the end of class because they are playing a game the last 5 minutes of class.

We get home and he doesn’t want to eat dinner and then is cranky before bed. Branden thank God got him in a better mood but it was exhausting. I feel bad when he has an off day. He is generally a happy go lucky kid and doesn’t really throw big tantrums and gets over stuff quickly. Today has been better so far and I made him take a nap since he has hip hop tonight. 
Anyone ever feel like a crap Mom when your kid is having an off day and you just can not make them happy or keep them from losing their minds? Thats totally how I felt yesterday. 

Anyone else just have one of those days with your kid? 

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  1. I think anyone with children can relate, and those days are definitely hard. Then at the end of that particular day, you go in their room after their asleep, and are thankful that the angel sleeping in the bed has become his self again.

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