The Story of Our Girls: The Beginning

I get a lot of questions about my girls. One of the main things people ask about is which baby did we know about first? Did we decide to adopt then magically become pregnant? How did you end up adopting Ashlyn? I decided to do a series of posts on our girls to help people understand the 9 months it took us to complete family. 

The Beginning
On this day two years ago I felt a little dizzy and funny. I realized it was the same feeling I had had before and ran upstairs to take a pregnancy test. I took the test and messed around on my phone for a bit. I went back in the bathroom totally expecting a negative test but saw two lines. 
I actually had that moment where I wanted to find the test package and make sure that it was a positive. For some reason that positive test didn’t feel real. 
It was two days before Ace turned 2 and we were going to my friend’s house the next morning for a play date. I ran to Carters before going to her house to get Ace a “Big Brother” t-shirt and headed over. When I got there she was outside and I said “Erin, come look at this cute shirt I got for Ace for his birthday.” She looked at it and totally freaked out. Erin, is my favorite person to tell things to because her reactions are always big and hilarious. The entire day she would look at me and say “I can not believe you are pregnant!” 
Later that night I put the shirt on Ace’s changing table and asked Branden to give Ace a bath and put the PJ’s I had set out for him on. I was sitting in our room listening to him go in there and look at the shirt. He was like “What’s this mean?!” haha. 
We waited to tell family in person. I had gone to dinner with my cousins for Branden’s birthday and put Ace in the Big Brother shirt and one of my cousins actually thought he had it on for the show Big Brother! It was like the longest time waiting for them to figure it out but after they did they were so excited! 
We were so excited to be adding a little peanut to our family. Little did we know we would be adding TWO little ones to our family within five months! 

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