Happy Monday!

 Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Ours was pretty fun. 

Branden and I celebrated SIX years of marriage! 
We ended up going to dinner and a movie. We are super exciting I know. We saw Trainwreck which was hilarious. I was cracking up the whole time. 

Sunday night Branden and I went to see Toby Keith in concert. He was really great live. 

Today Ace and I went to The Disney Store with my sister so she could let him pick something out for his birthday. She got him a Snoopy Ice Cone maker but wanted to actually let him choose what he wanted. How fun is that? He of course picked out Cars stuff. It’s basically his go to. 

Then we had lunch at Chick-fil-A and rode the carousel. He loves going on it when we go to the mall. I love seeing how happy it makes him. Probably the best part of being a Mom is seeing your kids happy. 

And in case you missed it I posted the second part of the series The Story of Our Girls. I know a lot of people were asking for it so check it out HERE

You can also enter to win a $25 Gift Card HERE

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy Monday! 

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