Giveaway: Dr. Browns Prize Pack

I want to say Thank You to Dr. Brown’s for sending me these products to try and review. All opinions are my own. I was not paid for this post. 

I had the honor of trying out Dr. Brown’s training cups and we are hooked! First of all the Training Cups are easy to clean and I love the two different styles. 

The Soft Spout Training Cups are great for babies just getting the hang of using a sippy cup. My girls really liked the handles on these. As you can see in the photos you can remove the cover if you need to. I do this when I take it out of the diaper bag since my girls like playing with the cover. 
The Hard Spout Insulated Cups are seriously awesome. They hold 10 ounces and since they are insulated their drinks stay cold making these the perfect cup to bring on a long day of errands. I am partial to the dinosaur one myself. 

We also got to try out Dr. Brown’s Healthy Wipes. I will say these seriously come in handy with 3 little ones. The nose wipes were great for Everly who never lets us wipe her face. She freaks out and these didn’t bother her at all. The bottle and pacifier wipes are great to keep in the diaper bag when you need to quickly clean them up. And we can’t forget about the little teeth! 

Since we have two little girls who love their pacifiers we also got to try out Dr. Brown’s Prevent Contoured Pacifiers. These are great because they were developed by a pediatric dentist to help prevent dental issues. I wish I had gotten these sooner. Thankfully my girls loved these and are big fans. 
Now it is your turn to get this awesome prize pack! Make sure to check out Dr. Brown’s on Facebook and Instagram and enter below! 

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  1. We love the Soft Spout Training Cups the most, she will be ready for this very soon. I am also very interested in the teeth wipes such a grans idea and product. Oh, I just want it all. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am entering for my cousin who had her first baby a little over 3 months ago. I am thinking she would like the bottle/pacifier wipes but really, it was hard to choose. It is all great!

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