Valentina is ONE!

I didn’t have a chance to post on Valentina’s actual birthday because work has been crazy but today is my baby nieces FIRST birthday party!

I am so excited to get to celebrate this beautiful little girl. She is such a funny baby. She is very tiny for her age so I often forget she is as old as she is but then you see her running around trying to talk and it’s like oh yeah, you are tiny but mighty. 

I still remember the day this beautiful angel came into the world. My poor sister was in and out of the hospital the week prior and her blood pressure kept spiking. They admitted her I think twice? Then she finally was induced. After awhile they finally broke her water, gave her pitocin and that saving grace the epidural. She slept but kept getting sick (not abnormal) and then her heart rate spiked and I ran to get a nurse. The nurse didn’t take it seriously yet Ashley’s face was bright red and she just looked awful. Her doctor came in and said she had been watching her contractions and saw the spike and wanted to check on her and the baby. I believe Valentina’s heart rate also went up. Ashley wasn’t to 10 but they checked her temperature and she had a fever and by Valentina’s heart rate the same could be said for her. 
Her doctor talked to her about a c-section and told her she had to do it at this point. Her water had been broken and she wasn’t progressing (Valentina was early so this could have been why). I think at this point we were all just worried about the baby and they got her prepped to go in. 
I went in to the waiting room so anxious to meet my little niece. She was born at 1:17am. After they got my sister out of surgery I got to go in and sit with her and finally hold Valentina. She was all puffy from fluids and we joked she looked like a little asian man because her eyes were so squinty and tiny. She had hair everywhere, even on her ears. We couldn’t get over. 
Now a year later she has changed so much. She was born an average sized baby but she can still fit into 6 months clothes, ha! She might be taking after her Aunt Brenna in the short department. She has the biggest smile and prefers to just hang out in a diaper. She is obsessed with dogs like I have never seen before. She will literally lay with them in their beds or play with them over anyone else. She knows what she wants and is determined. She is such a sweet, happy girl! 

She is my daughters’ best friend and my son’s baby to protect and take care of. She has a special place in our hearts. 
We love you so much Valentina!!!!!

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