Sunday Morning…

It’s Sunday morning and I can’t help but feel incredibly blessed. I have three wonderful children, a really amazing husband, a job I love and friends that I couldn’t live without. Sure, times get hard, my kids can drive me nuts and my husband can totally do something to annoy me but overall life is good. Like really good.

I think about the hard times. The times when life felt unfair and hopeless. We all go through ups and downs and those times were tough. 

But I look at those times and realize why I went through the struggles to have babies, losing my parents and all the other hard times that have come our way and think this is why. This is why I had to go through all of that. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t appreciate all I have as much as I do. 
Losing my parents makes me appreciate my time with my kids so much more. I want them to have special memories with Branden and myself like I had with my parents because one day we will be gone and that’s all they will have. I want them to say “I am so lucky because of all we got to do together”. I want them to love each other and lean on each other in hard times and be ok without us because they can call on the other one. I want them to appreciate each other because your siblings are the ones who will get you through. 
I also think about how hard marriage is. It’s ever changing and evolving. And I think that is the point. We go through the rough patches to get to the really amazing times. I recently have been thinking about how hard things were when we had Ace. It was such a change for us. We were all about each other and now had to focus on this little baby. We had no clue how much it would change our relationship and we struggled. We struggled so much we knew we had to do something to make our marriage work or it just wouldn’t. We went to counseling and realized we both were just not listening to each other. We wanted to be heard but were not willing to hear the other person. It took time and we worked on other challenges in our marriage and came out stronger. 

Now with three kids I see how much easier it is to handle certain things because we went through all of that. We now know we can make it through the challenges that come our way and we have to work on it. We have to work together and listen. We have to be each others partner and confidant. 
So thank you to the hard times for making these times even more precious. 

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