Sunday Morning Link Up #2

This past weekend my best friend and her family stayed with us for a night. It was so fun for the kids to get together, for us to have some girl time and the guys to be able to go watch sports together.  The only rough part was Ace was overly emotional. It was not like him. I think he might be acting this way because I am back at work. Last week was really busy for me and I am betting he needs some Mommy time. 
That is the struggle with going back to work. You have to find a way to work and make time for each of your child and your husband. I can definitely seeing it affecting Ashlyn and Ace. Ashlyn is hysterical if I put her to bed because she doesn’t want me to leave her. Everly, even though she is the most dramatic with most things, is also the most laid back. 
But I will say I do not regret going back to work. I really love my job. I have only had one little crisis and it wasn’t anything to make me not like it. In fact in that moment I saw how great everyone was to help me out. 
I also love that I get to work with one of my closest friends, Erin. I took over her old job so she has been my largest support at work. It’s funny how you can see so many sides to a person when you are around them in different areas of their life. She is such a hard worker and always willing to help me. She has never made me feel bad if I am totally lost and can not figure something out. She seriously is a rock star. 
I also love everyone else I work with. We work in guidance so everyone there is really sweet and funny. Shout out to DeeDee, Barbara, Joann, Anna and Daphne who are totally the Moms looking out for everyone and always so sweet and encouraging. I am so fortunate, I really am. 
Another cool perk is I get to work with two other ladies I have know forever. My best friend Josh’s Mom and a family friend Tina. She has been a part of my family since before I was born because her and my oldest cousin grew up together so she is like a cousin to me. I never get to see her though because we work on opposite sides of the building but I do love that I get to talk to her if I take a little walk around. Julie, Josh’s Mom is a comedian. She cracks me up. It’s like having a little piece of him there too because they are both so sarcastic and funny. 

People always ask me what it’s like working with highschoolers’ and honestly I love it. The kids who come to see me want information on college and scholarships so they aren’t coming into my office with a negative tone. They genuinely want the help and I love being able to be there for them. There has definitely been a couple of students that have made my job even better by coming back to me and telling me they applied to college or ask me to proof read a scholarship essay. I love that they feel they can come back to me and ask for help or tell me what they are doing. It’s very rewarding. 
So even though two of my little ones are still adjusting to me going back to work I don’t plan on changing that. I just have to work harder at finding one on one time with them and hopefully they will get used to it and be ok. I think being a working Mom is important just like I think being a stay at home Mom was important. They each hold their own pluses and minuses but overall I am glad I am working and Branden is able to be home with the kids. 
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