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How to Make Money Blogging

When I began blogging I never imagined I would make money blogging. I simply wanted to write about our fertility struggle. I found it therapeutic. As time went on my son was born and it was a great way to document his milestones. 
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I didn’t really think about making money off my blog till I followed some really amazing Bloggers who talked about their income coming strictly from blogging. I investigated more and saw the potential of first working with brands. Who doesn’t want free products for their family and all I had to do was write an honest review of the product. It was win win! 
I then was able to host giveaways and place ads on my sidebar. These were all great ways to make a little money from my blog but for me they weren’t the best way to make a large amount of money. Some Bloggers are able to make a large income from that but it just didn’t work for my blog. 
I then discovered sponsored posts. At first it was slow and I used a website but it just wasn’t really a constantly flow. I would get emailed from people or companies asking to do sponsored posts but the content just didn’t work. 
I then found Linqia through a Blogging group. I was a little confused and leery at first but I quickly became hooked. 
This was where I was finally able to make a consistent income from the blog. Sure, it wasn’t enough to live off of but it was definitely a great supplement. 
So how does it all work? Linqia pays you per click and you have a goal to reach within those clicks. Confusing? Lets get specific. You get a link through them and they say if this link, worth $1 is clicked 300 times you get $300. If it is clicked more than that, you still only get $300. If it is clicked less, lets say 150 times than you get $150. Why do you not get more money for more clicks? Because you reached your limit for that posts clicks. I have done this but you are encouraged to still get the post and links out there because on your next post you can then have your amount raised. 
I went from making $44 per post to over $250 per post and I only started doing this since the middle of June. From my most recent posts I will make over $500. From just two posts! Yes, these do take time and work but the best part of these products you are writing about is they fit into your lifestyle. 
I generally like the food item or baby item products because I can write an honest review or make a fun and easy recipe post about them. You also get a budget to spend on the product and other items if you are making a recipe. 

Want to make money blogging with Linqia? Here’s how…

1. First you must sign up HERE using my referral link. Once you sign up you now wait for them to accept you. 
2. You got accepted? Yay! Now you will get emails about products to review and blog about. 
3. Aceept or decline the products. Only accept products that fit your blog and audience. I have declined a few products because I knew there was no way I’d be able to make it work for myself or my readers. 
4. Write your post and get the links out there! Post your blog link as well as the link given by Linqia on your social media sites. Twitter is a great place to post the specific link. Generally the links lead the reader to coupons so a simple post about the savings it has to offers will entice someone interested in the product. 

 How to Make Money Blogging

That is the basics of it all. If you have anymore questions please feel free to email me at 

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  1. I'm going to sign up! Way back in the day when PayPerPost first started, I used to make about a hundred dollars a month blogging… it was enough to pay for Christmas presents for my family that year! I've barely made anything lately though. This is definitely worth a try.

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