How We Got Rid of Our Girls Pacifiers!

Now that the girls are at an age where they really need to get rid of their pacifiers I knew I wanted to do it in a way that would be least upsetting. It might sound dramatic but having to deal with two toddlers hysterical over their comfort items and sharing a room doesn’t sound fun to me. 

 There was a couple ideas that sounded cute like the Paci Fairy but I didn’t think Everly would really understand that. I decided that putting their pacifiers in a bear from Build-a-Bear might be a good idea because then they would have control over putting the pacifiers in the bear and they could use the bear as a comfort item. 

We took the girls on a day where Ace had camp so we could really focus on them. We let them each pick out a stuffed animal. Everly picked out a purple rock star cat thing and Ashlyn picked out a puppy. 

We headed over to the stuffing machine and had Ashlyn go first. She put her paci in and stepped on the peddle to stuff the bear. She looked a bit skeptical but did it. Everly didn’t understand what was going on as much as Ashlyn. Ashlyn knew her paci was going “bye, bye”. Everly put hers in as well and stepped on the peddle. She liked watching everything. They then picked out a heart to put in the stuffed animals and they were sewn up. We explained that’s where their pacis were now. 

They “washed” their stuffed animals and played a bit then we paid and headed out. They didn’t seem to care that their pacifiers were gone. We headed home and at one point Everly asked for her pacifier so we gave her her cat and she actually tried to scratch open it’s back and screamed. After we told her it wouldn’t come out she went off to play. 

Nap time wasn’t horrible. They didn’t sleep but they didn’t freak out either. They basically climbed back and forth to each others cribs and played. 

Bedtime was another story. Everly was losing it. She was overtired and wanted her pacifier. She was screaming and throwing herself around. I have never seen her so upset. It was bad. Ashlyn cried and said she wanted her paci back and that seriously broke my heart but I told her she couldn’t have it and it was in her puppy. She was fine when we put her to bed but Everly was screaming. Branden had to go back upstairs to rub her back and separate their cribs because she kept climbing in Ashlyn’s and crying. Ashlyn did so well though. After they fell asleep they were out for the night! I was worried they would wake up and cry for their pacifiers but they didn’t.

They next day we had a play date which was a nice distraction. They did get tired while we were there so we left and Everly fell asleep in the car, not normal for her. Once we got home I put them down for a nap and they actually went down pretty well. They cried for a few minutes but they slept! 

no napping for this girl

I took Ace to see Alvin and the Chipmunks so Branden put the girls down for bedtime and said they were fine. Talk about success. 
Naps have not been fantastic. The girls end up playing in their cribs and not sleeping. Some days Everly will go to sleep but Ashlyn hasn’t been. I am thinking Ashlyn might have to just watch a movie on the couch and Everly goes down for a nap. Ashlyn has gone through phases of not napping before but I am wondering if this is it for her. Thankfully she will sit and watch a movie and have quiet time if we do that so it won’t be the worst thing. 
If anyone is looking for an idea to get rid of them I definitely recommend putting them in a Build-a-Bear stuffed toy. It’s just a fun way to get rid of it. I mean cutting it out cold turkey is probably just as good but I liked the little experience for the girls. 
And this is not a sponsored post. I just really love the Build-a-Bear company. I think they really do an amazing job at making the experience great for children. I would love to do a birthday party there but I would go broke, ha! 

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  1. I babysit for several families and one of them really struck me with how she did it. She did nothing. Literally nothing. She didn't make a big deal about it, and eventually her kids outgrew needing one, and it wasn't upsetting at all. She had started making them only use it for nap and bed, so it wasn't an issue when they went to pre-school and didn't have it. She told me it was seriously the easiest thing as a parent she ever did. No crying, no fuss. Just one day, they didn't ask for it at bed or nap, and after three days of no asking, she moved the paci's to a drawer in their dresser and they didn't even notice.

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