How to get through the Flu + GIVEAWAY with Progresso!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. I was off of work for two weeks and the first week was great. We did a lot of Christmas activities and spent time with friends and family. It was nice to just focus on the kids. 

The second week was not so great. The flu took over our household. That week consisted of high fevers, one of which landing Ashlyn in the ER, coughing and sleepy, whiney kids. As a Mom it is never easy seeing your babies sick. Ace got it the worst and his then turned into croup. At one point he couldn’t stop cough and had trouble breathing and we took him to the ER to get a steroid to help. So as you can see it was a very difficult week. 
So what does a Mom do when all her kids get the flu? Here are some tricks to help you through. 

1. Create a sick couch. If one of your kids has the flu and there is no way to really keep them completely away from the other kids try to keep a space on the couch with their blanket and pillows and that is the sick couch or spot. The other kids need to sit on the other couch or away from that spot. The sick child should only use that pillow to lay on. It’s not a perfect solution but it helps them have their spot to sleep and be cozy. 

2. Have a lot of soup on hand! While our kids were sick they all lost their appetites. They just weren’t    hungry and with coughing their throats would hurt too. The best thing you can give them is soup. It soothes the throat since it is nice and warm and easy to eat. We stocked up on Progresso Light Soups. So while the kids were eating Chicken Noodle Soup I was devouring their Vegetable Soup. Publix has a $1 coupon you can get HERE. I highly suggest stocking up. 
3. Luke Warm Baths for the win. When the fevers make your child miserable a great solution is a luke warm bath. It also was a miracle worker in making my kids feel better. It was like they got in the water and perked up. It was a nice time for them to play since they didn’t seem to want to do anything but lay around when they were out of the tub. 

4. Lots of snuggles. The good thing about the kids getting the flu while I was off work is they had lots of snuggle time with Mommy. I mean who doesn’t want to just lay around with their Mom when they are sick? I know even as an adult that’s the person I wanted when I was sick.
5. COFFEE! What saved me through this was drinking coffee. We had a lot of nights with no sleep and I seriously wouldn’t have survived without a trip to Starbucks. 
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1. Now that you have heard my suggestions on getting through the flu season check out the Progresso Light Soups HERE and comment below which two soups you would like to try.
2. Comment with your New Years Resolutions for a second entry. 
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  1. My new years resolution this year is to learn to cook healthier for my family! Oh I have so much to learn. These Progresso Light soups would help alot! Love that they are 100 calories or less!
    landfjacobson @ charter .net

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