My New Morning Ritual + $15 Gift Card Giveaway

Happy Mondays! So now that we have beat the Mondays it is time to go after this week and rock it. I have been in a bit of a slump when it comes to my mornings. I have been rushing out of the house and not spending any time for myself. I used to wake up at 5:45 am and have time to really just be by myself and savor the quiet. 
I knew I had to do something to get past this slump and get back my mornings. Here is the perfect morning rituals for any Mommy who wants a little Me time.
1. Wake up before everyone else. I know, I know. You are probably groaning at the thought of getting up earlier than you need to but trust me, it is a life saver. 
2. Get ready for the day. When I get up early and don’t have my kids pulling at my legs I have time to actually put on my make up and do my hair. I feel way better about myself  and put together.

3. Have a delicious and healthy breakfast. I find it hard to find cereals that are not only good tasting but healthy. I just started eating Nature Valley’s Honey Oat Clusters. It is packed with protein so I know it will keep me full and not craving junk later. I add it to blueberry yogurt to really fill me up. 
You can get a coupon for $1 off HERE
4. Be grateful! Starting the day with a grateful mind and heart is so important to me. I feel that it helps me stay positive even when things get tough. Kids can be whiney and making messes but without them my life would not be as incredible as it is. Getting up super early for my job can be tough but it brings me so much joy that I can’t imagine not working. So that is the perfect way to look at it. Be grateful and all things will fall into place! 
Now it’s time for you to enter to win a $15 Pay Pal Gift Card! And when you are done entering this giveaway go HERE for another chance to win a Pay Pal Gift Card!
Head over to Nature Valley’s site and check out the Nature Valley Cereals. Make sure you pick up the $1.00 coupon then come back here and tell me which cereal you want to try!

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  1. It's actually on bogo sale at Publix this week for me, I know the first choice will definitely be the Baked Oat Bites still deciding between the Honey Oat Clusters and Chocolate Oat Clusters for the second choice.

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