Everly is 2!


You are officially 2 years old! It feels like you have been 2 forever though. You have always been advanced for your age and I swear you were never truly a baby or at least never wanted to be. 
You have truly come into your own and are such a happy go luck girl. You smile constantly and are very silly. 
You talk up a storm, count to 10, sing your ABC’s and any other song you know. You love coloring and singing. You also are really into doing flips with Mommy’s help. You are just like I was in that department. I used to walk up my brother’s legs and he’d hold my hands and I would flip, you do the same thing minus walking up my legs since I just pick you up and you do it. It’s hilarious because you just do it over and over again. 
You are still obsessed with baby dolls, it’s actually boarding on an addiction. 

The carwash is terrifying

You take your time warming up to people. You hate being leg in church daycare making it really hard to go. You literally scream till they come and get me. You are very sensitive to new places and people just like I was when I was little. You are very much a clone of me in a lot of ways. 
I also love that you are my little helper. You love to clean up and put things away. 
We will also begin potty training you soon! You now tell us when you need a diaper change. 
A not so fun thing you are doing now is getting up super early. You also started climbing out of your crib so you are now in a “toddler bed” which is just the side off of your crib. Tonight is the first night we will be trying this out. 
We love you so much little Gertie (yes, we still call you that!). 

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  1. She is looking cute on her 2nd birthday bash. Thank you very much for sharing these photos. Our son will turn one soon and we have been making plans for an outdoor family party. Looking for good party venues for the party.

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