A Day in the Life Summer Edition

I haven’t done a day in the life post since February so I figured it was about time. I love looking back on these. 
Since it is Summer time our days home are usually filled with a lot of pool time so don’t be too surprised when you see a lot of pool pictures.
This morning the girls got up early. Seriously, why do they do this? I think we were up around 7am. I tried to get them to stay in bed longer till Everly said “Mommy, I poopin'” so I hopped out of bed and put her butt on the potty. 

The girls and I headed downstairs while the boys slept a little longer. I gave them dry cereal and made a shake for myself. Not the best breakfast for them but since we have been out of town we were all out of milk. I wanted the kids to start working on learning activities so Ace did a worksheet while the girls did puzzles. Then Ace joined in with them when he was done. 

After that they headed into the pool for a bit. 

My friend Melissa text me to see if we wanted to meet up at the park so I got the kids ready and we headed there for 10:30. It was so hot! I think the heat index was 102 degrees. It was nice to get out though. The kids were really good and had fun. They had some snacks and around 11:30 or so we headed back home to eat lunch. 

The kids ate lunch and then colored for awhile. They then decided it was pool time again. They played in the pool for probably an hour while Branden was at the grocery store. 

When Bran got home the girls came in to watch to play then watch a movie. Ace played Skylander for a bit but ended up watching the movie with the girls. 

Branden got home so we unloaded the groceries. A full fruit and veggie drawer makes me so happy. 

Midway through Ace and Everly had some yogurt to snack on.

Then it was back in the pool because finishing the movie was not on the agenda apparently. I swear these kids are in and out of the pool all day. It has been the biggest life saver ever. 

The kids colored while I made dinner. I then made tacos for dinner and the kids and I ate. Bran was working on the van so he ate later. Usually we do meals as a family though. It’s probably one of our most important and cherished times for us. 

After dinner, you guessed it, the kids went back in the pool. I actually didn’t realize Branden was outside till we went out and he was talking to our neighbor. She is the sweetest little old lady ever. She is basically a second grandma to the kids. She had a box of cookies waiting for them so they chowed down on a couple of those and headed back in the pool.

Once they were worn out we tried a movie one more time. We put on The Good Dinosaur and they all were obsessed. Everly was super tired but made it through. 

Once the movie was over it was time to get ready for bed. Bath, teeth brushed, pajamas, story and prayers and they were out. 
Branden and I then had some time to chill out and watch shows we like. We are really into Big Brother. We watch it every Summer. I love that this season they brought back 4 people from previous seasons. I love the 8 pack! Anyone else watching Big Brother right now? What other shows are y’all really into? 
Overall that is a pretty typical day in our house in the Summer. Filled with pool time, movies, coloring and playing. This week Ace will be in camp all week and the girls go two days a week so I am excited for some time to get things accomplished with our little ones at my feet! 

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