Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Happy Friday!!! Anyone else shopping the huge Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I just did a little online shopping and got some fabulous key pieces for my wardrobe. I wanted a lot more but of course everything I wanted was sold out. Things are flying off the shelves or the internet. 
Here are some key items I did manage to snag and a couple other pieces you might want to hurry and snatch up before they are gone. 

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These leggings look amazing and have pockets! I mean you can not beat that. I have been looking for a really good pair of leggings that have a nice fit and quality. 
I have been dying to get a pair of Hunter boots for forever. I am a boots girl but being a Floridian it is hard to rationalize buying boots at full price. I couldn’t pass up this deal. 
I am obsessed with these tunics. I got it in white and black. Pretty basic but I figured it was perfect for work and will be more versatile. 
I am in need of a new pair of nice quality jeans so these were a no brainer for the price. Can’t go wrong here! 
This necklace is only $7.20! Crazy. So simple and perfect. It comes in three different colors, I picked gold but it also comes in silver and rose gold.


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