A Letter to Myself

Today’s post is sponsored by Gerber® Soothe, which believes less crying for a baby means more smiling for all.

Dear New Mom to 3 under 3,
Right now you are in the thick of it. You have 3 under 3 and are feeling like a failure but let me tell you what, you will get to the other side of this. Everly will stop with the colic at around 6.5 months. The constant crying is her only way to tell you she’s miserable. Sure it seems like forever but once she does she is going to be the happiest, funniest baby ever. 
Even though your dreams of breastfeeding this little one longer than Ace was squashed you will eventually realize you do what you have to to survive having so many little ones and it all works out just fine. 
I know you are wondering what you got yourself into and wonder if this will ever be easy but trust me when your girls are 2 and Ace is 5 you will be so happy with their closeness in age. 
It’s not always easy and having a baby that cries what seems to be non-stop. She is your toughest baby to date and colic is no joke. But she will teach you so much about yourself and how strong you are as a Mom. Swaddle that little girl, turn out the lights and rock her with the sound machine on because that will be the perfect combination to get her to calm down and sleep. It will be yours and her formula for happiness in those crazy days. In those moments you will see the beauty of all of this. 
Yourself in 2.5 Years
What was your formula for happiness with your little one?! Comment with your trials of having a newborn to help other Moms not feel so alone in the new stages of motherhood. 

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