Our Favorite Toddler & Baby Games and Toys!

I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite toddler and baby games and puzzles from Diapers (dot) com! 
Being a Mom of three I know the true value of finding toys that will not only hold up under the craziness of little ones but ones that will last from the first child to the last. Not only do we want the toys to last through the ages but also through the children we have. Here are our favorite picks and these were all built to last! 

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1. Wooden Puzzles / 2. Mega Bloks / 3. Board Books / 4. Wooden Tool Bench / 5. Green Toys Boat

As you can see majority of these toys are made from wood or durable materials. My favorite item above is the tool bench. It can start as a great toy for your little one to pull up on, gaining strength to stand and eventually walk. Then when they get older they can use the tools to gain fine and gross motor skills.

Puzzles are also a great way for babies to gain fine motor skills. I love thick wooden ones because they are easy to pick up for little hands. Mega Bloks also grow with your little one because my kids would play with these as babies even before they could built with them and are still building with them now. I have had the same set since my son was a baby so that is almost 5 years of use by 3 children and they are still in excellent condition!

Board books get a lot of use at our house. The Brown Bear one is my children’s absolute favorite. It helps them recognize colors and different animals. They love making the noises too. This is a book we have also had for almost 5 years and it has held up well because of the thickness of it.

And last but not least this tug boat by Green toys is such an incredible product. We got one of these as a gift once when Ace was just learning to walk and it seriously is the best water toy ever. All of their toys are thick and do not break like the regular beach toys you buy because of how thick it is.

I hope this list helps other Moms who are looking for great toys, games and puzzles to invest in. If you just had your first baby you definitely will want to always look at how long toys will last. I know we have had some toys that break so easily that it was such huge waste of money. That really stinks because I always feel like it is just another item in the trash taking up space in the landfill which is horrible for our environment as well.

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