Big News + a Giveaway!

We have some big news over at the Kania household! No, we are not adding another baby to the mix. I think that is usually the first thing people think when they hear big news.
We are moving!! 

We decided a couple weeks ago to find a house with a few more bedrooms and go a little bit more east. We live in such a great little community and I really do love our house, especially the yard so the decision was not easy at all. This house has been such an amazing home for us and I really debated on whether we should sell it or not. 
I talked to an old friend from middle/high school and he and his wife are amazing real estate agents. They seriously need to have their own show. I mean their slogan is Spouses that sell Houses, how cute is that?! 
Anyway I told him my dilemma on wanting something with more rooms but loving our house. He made me feel so much better about everything and we started discussing our options. My biggest fear was that we wouldn’t find a house we loved and then we would sell our house and be homeless. He reassured me that wouldn’t be the case. After looking at some houses I realized he was right. There was some we loved and we got to work on getting our house in selling condition. Thankfully we didn’t have to do too much, mostly just clear out a lot of the kids stuff and depersonalize it. After we did all that our agents had an amazing photographer come out and take pictures of our house for out listing. 
After we got the pictures back I was so happy with how they came out and felt very confident in our house selling fairly quickly. As of right now we are in a great spot but I don’t want to reveal too much until things are final. We have an open house coming up so after that we will see how things go. 
We also found a house we love. We will see if the seller accepts our offer and go from there. Hoping and praying everything works out! It has been crazy trying to get everything done but it was so worth it to see those pictures of our house. 
To celebrate I am hosting a giveaway! So enter and I will announce the winner in a couple of weeks! I will also be posting more pictures of the house later in the week so you can see the upstairs. I am seriously going to miss this house. 
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