A new Gilmore Girls Featurette! Who will be watching?!

Tell me I am not the only one counting down the days till the Gilmore Girls comes back to Netflix on November 25th?! I am beyond excited about this. Way more excited than I was about Fuller House. I mean this show was one I watched religiously in high school. I actually started rewatching it on Netflix because I just had to relive the amazingness of the show. It seriously brings me back. 
If you haven’t seen it already there is a new teaser out there of the show and you must watch it! 

So more importantly who do you think Rory is with now? Dean? Jess? Logan? I am hoping for Jess or Dean. I never really liked Logan. And I kind of am dying to see what Lane’s character is up to now. I mean it was hysterical when she had the twins. I also wonder if they will have Luke’s daughter on the show. So many things I can not wait to see!

Who else will be watching?!

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