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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This might have been one of my favorites so far. We hosted it this year and everyone brought a side dish or dessert so it was fun to see what everyone made. It was also our first holiday in our new house which was so nice. 

I did realize, though, that hosting Thanksgiving is not always an easy task. I always spent Thanksgivings at my Grandma’s as a child and the past couple of years at my Aunt’s. These women were incredible at making beautiful Thanksgiving meals and I knew I wanted to have something close to that. The only problem is running around after 3 little ones can make it a bit crazy. Branden, thankfully, was a huge help. He took on the turkey and I did the green bean casserole and stuffing and the rest of our guests brought the rest of the sides. We had a last minute cancelation so I had to rush to the store to get the sides and thankfully WalMart now has a service where you can order your groceries online and pick them up. They bring them right to your car. And the best part? The service is free and there are no mark ups on the items you are buying. 

They were not fit for public, look at those hot messes!

I was a little worried since it was so close to Thanksgiving that I wouldn’t be able to get what I needed or there would be chaos waiting for the person to come out to my car but it was literally the best shopping experience ever. Going online and ordering makes it easy to see what they have on hand and any sales they have going on. You then book your time and they call to confirm your pick up time and once you arrive you call the number that is listed on their pick up parking spots. They bring out your groceries and you are done! So easy! And the guy, Ryan, who brought out my groceries was one of the sweetest people ever. I even tried to tip the person bringing out my groceries and he said he could not accept a tip but would love for me to fill out the survey. He was seriously the sweetest! 
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Now back to Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving day Branden started the turkey and we cleaned up a bit, got the kids bathed and ready for the day. When it was about 1pm I started my sides and everyone started coming over. It was fun having a bunch of kids in the house. I think that is one of my favorite things is watching my kids playing and enjoying their friends and family.
We ended up feeding the kids before the adults to try to hold off any tantrums or craziness but they were all so focused on playing I think only Everly really ended up eating. The adults all sat down to eat together around 4pm and it was just so nice. We were able to talk and focus on being together. We got a new dining room table in September that holds 10 people so it was fun seeing everyone together. I think we actually ended up with 12 people. Can you tell I love having everyone together? ha! 
After dinner we cleaned up and headed outside. The guys played basketball and the little kids played with their bikes and sidewalk chalk. At around 8pm my best friend drove in with her family to stay for the weekend. I was so excited. I love being able to spend holidays with them. It was seriously such a great weekend. 

How was your Thanksgiving? Have any big plans for the upcoming holidays? 
We will be hosting Christmas Eve at our house so you can bet I will be using WalMart’s grocery pick up service again! 

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