Christmas Shopping (almost) Done!

We are slowly but surely getting ready for Christmas. We bought our tree last week and decorated it on Friday. It was so sweet watching the kids get excited and put the ornaments up. There is nothing better than seeing Christmas from your child’s eyes. 
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 Of course with Christmas comes Christmas shopping. I really hate putting things off to the last minute when it comes to holidays so I did a lot of my shopping online. I knew I wanted to just get it done as simple as possible.

This year I feel like Christmas shopping was a lot easier than years past. I didn’t want to buy a bunch of stuff just to have a bunch of things for my kids to unwrap. I don’t want that to be the main focus of Christmas for them. I wanted to get them items they were going to really love and use. I have noticed that some toys they love for a hot minute and after that they are over it and they just collect in a basket and come out randomly but aren’t really played with. Super fun when we need to clean up. 
With each child there was something we knew they specifically needed or wanted. With Ace we knew he needed a bike. He is too tall for his Thomas bike he got when he was 3 so that was going to be his main “big” present. Branden actually found a bike someone was getting rid of and painted it, got new grips and put his old seat on it so that ended up being close to free. Score! Everly has now taken over Ace’s old bike so it was just in time. He also is very into LEGO Dimensions. Branden got him a bunch of those since I know nothing about them. Although I did find an ET one I had to get him. I mean how cute is he?
For Ashlyn I found this KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse with Furniture on Offer Up for $50 originally $150. Again a total score for us, if you are interested it is on sale right now for only $89. She has been into Barbies so I knew that was going to be my focus for her. We also got her and Everly the Holiday barbies. I loved that they had a blonde and brunette one. Last year Branden found the Disney Princess pack for super cheap on like a 50% off day at Target so we have that but will probably only take 2 dolls from it and save the rest for birthdays. 
Everly is still obsessed with baby dolls so I wanted to get her a doll diaper bag and crib. Last year we had gotten them the Step2 Love and Care Deluxe Nursery but it didn’t really have a crib area more of a changing table, so I wanted one for her to have for bedtime. She is such a little mommy. She is always putting her baby dolls on pillows and covering them up to go to sleep. She also carries them around on her hip. It’s so sweet. I felt like I was a grandma buying for my grandbabies because I wanted to find a nice doll diaper bag so it would last. This one was seriously so precious to me so I snatch it up. It also has a matching highchair set that I might get her for her birthday. 
We got them some little extras like these Strawberry Shortcake dolls (I just had to!). They actually smell like the ones from when I was a kid. They each got a small lego set since they like to play legos before bed and a lot of outdoor art stuff. These cute LEGO Friends Party Cakes ones were only $3.99. I love these sidewalk chalk paint. I had some for the longest time and we finally used them a couple weeks ago and it kept them busy for the longest time. I also got regular sidewalk chalk as well. We go through them like crazy.  
I did go to Target’s “dollar” section and get some cute things for their stalkings so overall I think we are pretty much finished with them. I still need to get a couple things for my nieces and nephews but they are pretty easy. 
Are you done with your shopping yet? 

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