How to Maximize Your Savings While Shopping Online


So I am probably the last person to discover Swagbucks but I am obsessed. I didn’t realize you could get money back for shopping online. All these years I spent shopping online and getting nothing back really annoys me, ha! 
After discovering Swagbucks I also discovered Cardpool, a place to buy discounted store gift cards. Combine this with Swagbucks and store’s discount codes you can get serious savings from the stores you are shopping at online. Here is how I saved and earned over $60 at Old Navy.
Swagbucks gives you a certain percent back when you shop online through their site. You just open up 
and click shop then pick the store you want to go to. Super easy. It can vary depending on the season. When I went shopping you could earn 5% cash back. I also had a 30% off coupon for signing up for their email list. 
Next I went to Cardpool to see what type of savings they had on Old Navy gift cards. They had an 11% discount on the gift cards, combined that with the 30% off and 5% cash back I was saving and earning a nice little chunk of money I wouldn’t have had without these nice little options.  I ended up buying three $25 gift cards. I got $75 worth of gift cards for $66.75. I then used my 30% off coupon for my order.


Here is how it broke down.
 Total cost (before taxes):  $93.00
 30% Discount:                  $27.90
Shipping Promo:               FREE
Taxes:                              $3.91
Order Total:                      $69.01
Order earned me $30 in Old Navy Cash 
Savings/ Earnings
Savings from Cardpool Gift Card (11%): $7.59
 Savings from Old Navy Promo (30%):     $27.90
Swagbucks 5% back:                                $3.25 
Old Navy Cash:                                    $30
Total Saved/Earned:                                 $68.74
Total Savings: $35.49
Total Earnings: $33.25
You can earn Old Navy cash up until January 26, 2017.
Free shipping is on orders over $50 and they have a lot of sales going on right now so take full advantage of this. The Swagbucks percentage is also high since it is the holidays so take advantage of that as well. And of course check out Cardpool for any stores you plan on shopping at. You will seriously save so much if you can combine it with other promotions. And honestly even if there isn’t a promotion going on it is still worth it to save money at a place you know you will be shopping or dining at. 
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