Friday Favorites on Saturday

Of course I wrote this yesterday and had to finish it today. Whatever I have is no joke. Being sick stinks…

It’s Friday! Not so exciting for me though because I was up all night with Everly while she cried and coughed and I had chills and a sore throat. Seriously I am exhausted and miserable. I just want to go to sleep but Miss Everly is home with me today and even though she is sick she is the energizer bunny. I don’t get it. I am hoping we can both take a nap in an hour or two. 
Now back to some of my favorite things. Since it is so close to Christmas I can’t help but talk about some of my favorite items for the holidays. I got this adorable dress from Target before Thanksgiving and plan to wear it on Christmas Eve. It’s super comfy and flowy so if you plan on going to town on some yummy dessert you are good to go. Speaking of yumminess I am dying to try this Christmas cookie dough dip recipe from Dinner at the Zoo.
This beautiful gold silverware set. I would love to get these for our new house. They are to die for.  They also come in Rose Gold as well.
I am also a little obsessed with this gold bar cart. I really want one for our new dining room. I would love to decorate it for holidays. Loving this look from Garvin & Co. Seriously her home is my dream house. 
So I didn’t get to finish my post yesterday because I just felt too awful. I still feel horrible today but I got to sleep in till 9:30am, thanks Branden, because last night I had a rough night of sleep as did Everly. Her fever final broke though. 
Last night we ended up going to a live nativity with my cousins with the kids. Poor Everly wanted to be held the whole time and I was really tired but we couldn’t break tradition of a night of Christmas fun then Chick-fil-A peppermint shakes. We tried to get a picture of all the kids together and this truly shows how Everly felt the entire night.

But a peppermint shake always helps…

Today she is still feeling terrible and now Ashlyn is coughing which is how Everly and mine started. Branden is stuffy so Ace is so far the only one who isn’t showing signs of being sick. I hope he doesn’t catch it. 
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am hoping everyone around here starts feeling better by Monday so we can get ready for Christmas! 

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