10 Reasons Why Moana Might be the Best Disney “Princess” Movie

  Last week Ace and I had a Mommy Son day and went to see Moana. I honestly didn’t know much about her because I had been so busy with moving then the holidays that I never really knew what movies were even coming out. After seeing Moana today I can say she is probably the best Disney princess ever and here’s why.

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She’s is fearless. I love that the first time Moana is on screen as a toddler she is so enthralled with her grandmother telling the story of Maui stealing Te Fiti’s heart. A story the other toddlers begin to fear and cry over. Moana begins to clap and is excited. She later sails the ocean to save her island without a second thought. She doesn’t let the unknown scare her and instead takes that challenge head on. 

She is determined and curious. Another thing we see from her as a toddler. After her grandmother is finished with the story Moana runs towards the ocean and sees a conch shell. She goes towards it only for the ocean to part and she continues to walk towards another and another. The ocean then plays a game with her and she is excited over this. As she grows you see her curiousity and determination grow. She wants to explore beyond the reefs, she isn’t satisfied just staying put. As the story continues and she meets Maui she pushes herself to return Te Fiti’s heart even though Maui tells her it will be hard and dangerous. 
  She has a heart of gold. Something else we see right from the beginning. She helps a little baby turtle make it’s way to the ocean so the birds don’t eat him. She also loves her family and tribe hard. The whole premise of the movie is her saving her island and the people on it. She takes this on herself despite what might be out there.
  She isn’t perfect. This is something that I totally loved about Frozen’s Anna. She didn’t come off as being or trying to be perfect but clumsy and silly. She was relatable. She aslo wants to help others, save her people, save her land and find out who she really is. I love that her character has so many strong qualities but is also silly and who she is despite how she needs to be to be chief. 


She is strong! Moana is physically and mentally strong. Qualities that not many other princesses have had. I think only Pocahontas and Mulan come close. I think previous princess stories have been so caught up in running from a villain and falling in love that you miss seeing how strong these characters really are. 
There isn’t a love story. At this point I am over the love story in Disney princess movies. I like that Moana is younger and her focus is on her family and island. You get to see a lot of situations where she has to do a lot of the work herself and not rely on anyone else. She isn’t always running from some crazy villain or falling for a guy. She is learning and growing through the whole movie. And I am totally not knocking princesses that fall in love because I do love a good love story but this was just so much more fun and entertaining without there being a drama love story on the side. 
She has beach hair. Need I say more? This could just be the Florida girl in me but I love beachy hair and hers was gorgeous. I also loved Maui’s too, ha! 

 There is a singing crab. This is just something you will have to see to understand but he is fabulous. 

Maui. The Rock is the voice of Maui and he is hilarious. He reminds me a bit of Flynn from Tangled with the sarcasm and humor. He also has this cool fishhook that gives him the ability to change forms. I thought it was cool and then I saw you could buy it so that is a great toy from the movie my son can have since he loved it too. It’s sometimes hard to find toys from princess movies little boys like too.
Adults love it too. Some kid movies are just not that great. This one was just so funny and inspiring that I fell completely in love with it. It isn’t a movie you will be disappointed in spending money on to see in the theater because you will really love the story and characters.

So tell me, have you seen Moana? Did you love it as much as I did? 


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  1. I loved that the regular human girl was the hero and the demigod was the side kick! She saved the day (several time–the coconut guys, the crab, then at the end) with her determination and smarts and he just assisted. What a great message for our kids that they can all be heroes!

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