When Schools Take the Day Off & Everyone is Sick

By on February 20, 2017

Happy Monday, everyone! We are all home because it is Presidents’ Day and there is no school. Well, the girls could have gone to school since their preschool does daycare on holidays and teacher work days. I was going to bring the girls but Ashlyn woke up with a fever and completely miserable so I figured it was pointless to bring Everly to school when she could just stay home and play with Ace. 

The past week all of my kids have gotten sick so I am sure it is just a matter of time before I get it. First it was Everly on Monday. She woke me up at 5am throwing up on me. Super fun. Then Ashlyn had a fever on Thursday but seemed fine later in the day. Ace had a fever on Friday and after getting medicine before bed he woke up all refreshed and ready for his lacrosse games on Saturday. He played both games and when we got home still seemed good. Well by 3 he was fading fast. He was hot and miserable. 
Sunday Ace was laying around and sleeping all day. His fever had spiked so he just felt super icky. I was glad today was a no school day in case he needed an extra day to rest. He seems good today but Ashlyn came in my bed this morning and was burning up. Poor girl just wanted to be held and lay around. 
I hate seeing my children sick. I think as parents we just want to take it away and make them smile. It sucks seeing them weak and not eating and sleeping.  
I really wanted to do something fun with Ace today since the girls were supposed to be in school but it looks like we will be hanging at home. No biggie. I think we can find something fun to do for the non sickies. 
Anyone else home with their children today? What are you all up to?

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Happy Thursday!

By on February 16, 2017

Hi there! Hope everyone is having a nice week. Ours has been really good. The weather is perfect so we are really enjoying it before it gets swelteringly (is that even a word) hot. 
I feel like I don’t get to update what we do on the weekends anymore and I need to keep up with that so I can look back on our memories. I looked at an old post the other day and it made me really wish I was writing more posts about what we have been up to but with work it has been hard so here is what we did over the weekend. 
Saturday Ace had a scrimmage game to get his team ready for their first game next weekend. The sun was brutal so I am in the market for a chair with a cover. I feel bad for the kids running around in all their Lacrosse gear but as long as they are having fun and taking regular water breaks they seem to be fine. 
After that we headed home and the kids played in the pool and with water toys. Ace was so excited to finally be able to get in our new pool. Watching them play got me really excited for Summer time. I love how relaxing Summer is. Long, slow days are just around the corner. 
The rest of the day the kids colored and played around the house. I was finally able to clean out their playroom and get rid of a bunch of random toys. It feels good to purge unused items. 
The kids and I made cookies and watched a movie and called it a night around 8:30. 
Sunday Branden and I went on a date! I was so excited since that is super rare for us. Usually when we have a babysitter it is so we can run errands or grab a quick bite to eat because we are so tired by the time we go out. It’s terrible. Maybe that should have been my New Years Resolution? Date the husband more, ha! Poor guy. One day it will be easier to get out so I try not to stress it because I know this time with little ones is going to go so quickly. Every day it is on my mind how fast it goes so I try to just sit and watch them like I am taking mental pictures of them at this age. 
Anyone else do that? I am sure it’s a Mom thing to constantly try to hold on to those moments and memories. 

That is all for now but I hope you all have a great rest of the week and don’t forget to enter my giveaway I have going on right now! 
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Premier Protein Review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

By on February 11, 2017

This post is sponsored by Premier Protein. All thoughts are my own. 

Hey guys! I am so excited to offer a giveaway for you all. Premier Protein sent me some of their delicious shakes and protein bars to try out for the New Year and now will be giving some freebies away to one of you. 

The fun thing about these shakes is they have really yummy recipes to make them even better. 
My favorite is the Sugar Cookie Shake. It is a must try!

When we got the box of goodies in the mail my kids went nuts over all the protein bars. We all decided to try them and we were hooked. Since I am super rushed in the mornings (I have to be out the door by 6:30AM the latest) the shakes and bars are an easy way to get something fast. It also makes a really easy go to on nights when Ace has Lacrosse practice or games. You can’t beat it. 
Now you can try their shakes for FREE. Just enter to win a Premier Protein package! It’s so easy. 
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