Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

By on May 10, 2017

This post contains affiliate links.
Mother’s day is quickly approaching and if you have yet to get your Mom or Wife a gift you might want to get on it.
I love Try Amazon Prime because it ships quickly so definitely use that if you are in a time crunch. 
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For the Coffee Loving Mom
A Keurig, this is actually what I asked for for Mother’s Day. I am over constantly cleaning out my coffee pot, coffee cup and filter. This makes it easier. I use it at work so I knew it was time to upgrade. I love that there are reusable filters you can buy as well. This way you go through less trash. It obviously it still one more thing clean but makes me feel a little better about my carbon footprint. 
For the Jewelry Loving Mom
My all time favorite jewelry is from LacKore Couture. I have a lot of her pieces and they are amazing. I even have a toddler bracelet for Ashlyn. My favorite has got to be the any of her bangles and initial necklace. She also makes custom pieces so if you would like a custom piece you can email her. Branden did this for me two Christmases ago. 
For the Fit Mom
These Nike shoes are on sale for under $75.00. I really like these because they are great for going for a run but running errands and don’t look bulky or ugly. They have a sleek look. You can’t go wrong here! 
For the Mom Who Loves to Cook
This everyday mixer is so cute!  It’s bright and cheery and the price is amazing. If you want the top dog of mixers, though, you can always go with the Kitchen Aid mixer. I love the variety of colors. 
For the Bookworm Mom 
I miss the days of being able to read a good book without a thought. Now it takes forever to get through a book so I need one that will hold my attention and keep me coming back for more when I have time. I am a huge fan of all Emily Giffin books! I am reading her latests book, First Comes Love, now and can not put it down. 


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What Kind of Mom Are You?

By on May 6, 2017

Originally published May 6, 2016
 This post may contain affiliate links
In honor of Mother’s Day this year I decided to talk about the different types of Moms I have come across. Now, this obviously is not all types of Moms but overall it is some of the most common ones I have come in contact with. Which Mom are you?

The First Time Mom
All of us Moms have been there. You get pregnant, envision this perfect cherub faced child who will nurse every few hours, sleep in between and you will sleep when baby sleeps, piece of cake…
 Then reality hits and you are crying over your cheerios and breast pump. You haven’t slept more than an hour at a time, your baby nurses for eternity, passes out at the boob, wakes up the second you put him down and you kind of want to strangle your husband because baby only wants you and he gets to sleep. You might hover over the baby while he sleeps or stress about which organic formula is the best. Is he eating, sleeping, and pooping enough? You are your own breed and we love you for it. Don’t worry it gets better, I promise! Then you can your second baby and realize how fun it is to have a first time Mom as a friend. I mean it really is entertaining. 
The Fun Mom

This Mom is the one who is running around the playground with her kids, pretending to be Captain Hook while your kids are the lost boys. She isn’t afraid to get dirty or look silly. You love her for her free spirit and energy. Your kids love going to her house for play dates because she has the best dress up clothes and games. It’s never a dull moment with her. She is also awesome when it’s a Mom’s night out and can party with the best of them. You can always have a guaranteed fun time with her. 
The Perfect Mom

She is always dressed in a comfy cute outfit, her child is dressed to the nines and she is the nicest person.  And let’s not forget her house is perfection. Does a child live there? Who knows! You would hate her for all her perfection if she wasn’t so sweet and threw a wicked awesome party. Lets be real though, she seems perfect but as we all know no Mom actually is but she comes pretty close. 
The Hot Mess Mom

She is the Mom who is running into play dates with her kids running in all directions, probably forgot to brush her teeth and needs a drink. She has a heart of gold and makes you feel better for not exactly having your shit together. She is the Mom who will help you when you need someone to watch your child and they will have the best time because even though she’s kind of a hot mess, she is also the Mom who makes everyone’s child feel like they are special. She also is the best Mom to go to when you are having a rough day, life is crazy or you just are miserable because she is empathetic and gets it. She somehow knows exactly what to say to make you feel better.
The “Expert” Mom

This is the Mom who you turn to when you are busy crying over your cheerios and breast pump and your baby baby won’t sleep. She reminds you how hard the first couple months are and promises it will get better. She offers any and all support to help you through. She seems to have some kind of powers over getting your baby to sleep and calming down. She has been there and you can count on her to help you through the toughest parts of Motherhood. She is probably your own Mother, Aunt, Cousin, Sister or Friend and you love her!
The Overprotective Mom
The Mom who knows how to baby proof a house in 2.5 seconds and can see a safety hazard a mile away. She might even be there the whole first day of kindergarten because let’s face it that day is harder for Mom than child. Her child will never see a bruise from falling off their bike or skates because you better believe they are covered in knee, elbow, shin and any other kind of pads on the market and of course a helmet. These Moms are serious about safety and you can count on them to know what kind of scary sh*t is out there. Stuff you didn’t even know you should worry about or things that seemed small are a bit more scary because this Mom knows what is up. She is the WebMD of your Mom group and you probably would have a broken child without all her knowledge. 
The Drama Mom
There’s always one, right? This is the Mom who you try to get to know or include but it just doesn’t work. Nothing seems to make her happy or she finds issues with other Moms. You can’t quite figure her out and what the problem is. She constantly has problems with someone in her life and it doesn’t seem to matter who but it’s a constant. You realize that maybe it’s not everyone else but her, common denominator if you will. After your best efforts you learn to steer clear of her. Hey, at least you tried!
The Best Friend Mom
Does it get any better than the best friend Mom? The one who you either met when you became a Mom or your best friend who also has children. She is the person who you rely on for support in all aspects of life but having that bond over being mothers at the same time makes everything better. She gets what you are going through and knows that all you need is an ear to talk to or someone to say “I get it! I’ve been there.” You’ve cried together, you’ve laughed together, you’ve been there for each others’ child’s milestones and it’s the best thing ever! Your kids grow up as best friends or even like cousins. You are fiercely protective over their child as if they were your own and you would do anything to make Mommy hood easier for one another. If your lucky you have more than one of these like me! I wouldn’t survive motherhood without these girls. They know who they are and this post (except for the drama Mom) was based on all of you. You are all a mix of these Moms and have made my life as a Mom amazing. 
Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing Moms out there! 
So…which Mom are you? Which Mom is your favorite to hang out with?

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