At Home Teeth Whitening That Actually Works!

Hi guys! Happy Thursday, I hope everyone is making it through the week alright. Mine feels like it is dragging a bit but that could be because I am really, really looking forward to this weekend. I am going to Food & Wine at Disney with my sister so bring on the weekend!

So now onto the goods. I was asked by a Smile Brilliant Rep to try out their whitening product in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Growing up I always had pretty awesome teeth. They’re pretty white and really strong. But as I got older I have noticed a slight tinge to my teeth. The first Mother’s day after the girls were born I bought a coffee maker and haven’t turned back since. So with the amount of coffee I need to survive on a day my teeth were definitely not as white as they once were.

I have always been leery of whitening products. I stuck to Crest strips when I was younger but they were more of a nuisance when I had 3 children and couldn’t just hide in my bathroom to whiten my teeth. Now I had to actually do things while whitening my teeth because I am either running after children or trying to relax the second they are in bed. And lets be real the strips that are a one size fits all are more annoying than anything. So when I had the opportunity to try custom fit whitening trays I was all sign me up! 

So here is how it went. I got the kit while we were in the process of moving so it took me forever to send everything in. Once I actually did the molds which were super easy, you literally just take the putty like substance, mash it together, place in molds and put it in your mouth for a couple

minutes (insert drool face) and then you pop them out. Super easy. Just make sure you actually follow directions and get the correct mold of your teeth. My bottom mold was too shallow which I suspected and should have fixed right then but didn’t and ended up having the redo mine. Thankfully they ship everything extremely quickly.

Once you get your custom trays it’s all really simple. You use a string to put a line of whitening gel in the tray then pop them in. I really thought they wouldn’t be much different than the strips I have used from the store. Not sure why I thought this but I didn’t realize the custom trays would make it feel like you weren’t wearing anything. The only reason you know you have them in is if you put too much gel on the tray and you need to spit it out which I did the first time.

After the trays are in place you just go about your business. No one can tell you are wearing them which is nice too. My biggest issue with doing this review was trying to get a picture of me wearing them where you can actually tell I am wearing them. Either way they are really comfortable and work! The proof is in the pictures. Now it is your turn to try get yours. Use this link to order them now. You can also enter the giveaway below for a chance to win your own whitening kit! Comment down below if you have ever tried any type of whitening toothpastes or kits and how they worked for you.

So how do you enter to win your own whitening kit? Just go HERE and put your name and email in, extra entry for following Smile Brilliant on Instagram!

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