Recap of our trip to Rogers City, Michigan

Oh Happy Fall Weather! Shout out to all my Florida peeps who are wearing Uggs, mittens and scarfs on this cold day. All you northerners can officially make fun of us.

So I have been a bit MIA because we went to Michigan on Thursday the 19th for my brother-in-laws wedding. It was such a beautiful weekend. The weather was perfection and we had the best time. If it didn’t get so freezing cold there I would move there in a heartbeat. I always get sad when we leave our family up there. Just a heads up this is going to be a super long post on our trip because I want to make sure we remember every bit of it.

We flew up Thursday and this was the girls first real flight, Ashlyn had only been on a plane when she was a newborn so it was really exciting for them. We flew Frontier and it was a really nice plane. Very spacious seats, only downfall was they didn’t recline unless you upgraded to a different seat. Overall a great airline. (Not sponsored but I had been wondering about it prior to flying and am happy to report it was great.)

Anyway we flew into Detroit then had to drive 4 hours to Rogers City. The kids did so well. They played with toys, colored and then we sang Disney songs when they were over all their stuff. The best part was driving down the hills and we would have them hold their hands up and scream. So freaking cute.

We stayed with Branden’s brother Robert and his wife Angie so we got there and hung out Thursday night while the kids watched movies. The next day we went to the hall where the reception was going to be and the kids got to see their cousins Elliot and Russell. It was so cute seeing them all together. After a day there we took the kids to the park and beach before rehearsal dinner. The weather was gorgeous and we took the kids on the rock wall. Ashlyn and Everly were scared but eventually walked back instead of being held. They loved running around the beach too. It was nice just sitting there watching them play.

We headed back to the hall where we ate dinner and our family did a little birthday celebration for all the kids since they don’t get to celebrate with them normally. It was seriously so sweet. They got them each their own little cake and gifts. As my brother-in-law Robert said “I think Gertie was going to vibrate out of her seat she was so happy.”

Saturday was the wedding so I hung out at home while Branden went with his brothers to get ready. Everly and I both weren’t feeling well so we took our time getting ready. I also did our niece Emily’s hair then we headed out to this gorgeous barn where the wedding was. I mean talk about breath taking. I was obsessed. The ceremony was so sweet. They have been together for 19 years so it was just fun to see them be emotional even after all these years.

When the wedding was over our nieces Emily and Chelsea took the kids to their grandma’s house to play while we went on the bus with everyone to take pictures and have some drinks. Definitely nice to get that kid free time since it is so rare for Branden and me to get anytime without kids. I captured a hilarious moment with one of my brother-in-law Rodney’s oldest friends and Branden. The two of them together are so funny and they ended up matching so I was like aw you guys hold hands. Like if you want entertainment these two are the best.

At the wedding we got to see Branden’s cousin and her girls. I was so excited for our girls to finally meet. I just adore his cousin Brittany because she is literally the sweetest person ever and her and Branden (along with her sister Sarah who we really missed) have the cutest relationship. Watching all our kids together was by far the highlight of the trip.

On Sunday we went to Branden’s grandpa’s house where we saw his Mom’s side of the family. The kids were spoiled with a little train type ride. Even the adults got in on it. The kids also made a tiny little leaf pile which was funny. Poor Florida kids thought their tiny pile was something awesome.

Next we headed to Knaebe’s apple farm where they played, fed animals and went on a carriage ride. After that we headed to Branden’s Dad’s farm and went on a buggy ride through their property. They were so nervous but had fun. They also played with these super old trucks that Branden and his siblings played with as kids. It was cool to just watch them experience things their dad did as a child.

This was hands down my favorite trip up there. Seeing our kids playing with their cousins and enjoying such a beautiful place where their dad grew up made me just feel so happy.

I am now on a mission to make yearly or every other year trips up in the summer happen so we can get Branden’s other cousin and her kids up there so we will really have a big group of kids to watch play and grow up together.

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