gift guide for preschoolers

Holiday Gift Guide: Preschoolers

Ok so raise your hand if you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping! I have pretty much finished my children except for a few stocking stuffers but I feel like buying great gifts that will last for preschoolers can be a bit tough. This year we took that concept to heart and only bought toys we knew they would 100% love and play with and ones that would last. Here are toys we either got for our girls or have that we highly suggest buying.

gift guide for preschoolers

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1. KidKraft Play Kitchen. This has got to be my favorite play kitchen to date. My kids have had a ton of different play kitchens given to them over the years. All have been hand me downs and they have all broken or just not been for durable. Finally last year I picked this one out and my cousins got it for the girls. I love that the one we have is two pieces since we have three children playing with it sometimes all at once. It gives them the space to play and not bump into each other. There is a smaller version which my friend has and it is just as great. Both are a great price and make a great “big” Christmas present. These adorable kitchen accessories would also be a great addition to the gift.

2. Legos. These are one of my children’s most played with toys. We have both the Duplo and regular Legos. I had considered getting rid of the Duplo ones but they still play with them a lot so the combo of different sizes is fun for them. It also really sparks their creativity and I am all about that.

3. Barbies and Super Heroes. If you have a child who loves pretend play getting Barbies and Super Heroes are so fun. My girls are very into Barbies right now and I found Barbie brand and Disney Princesses are the best ones to get. I am sure this is a no brainer but we have had cheaper ones fall apart (think lost head and legs). Everly requested a Rock Star Barbie this year. Brings me back to my childhood. Ace always had Marvel Super Heroes and they are still going strong after 3 years.

4. Balance Bike. These are the girls big gifts this year. We knew we needed to get them bikes and after talking to a bunch of my friends who had balance bikes and regular bikes for their kids they suggested balance ones. They said you don’t even have to worry about teaching your child to ride a bike without training wheels because they learn to balance before ever getting on a bigger bike. I was SOLD! Not having to go through training two little girls at once to ride bikes is totally fine with me. I only wish I had gotten Ace one because he is so freaked out about riding his bike without training wheels that he won’t keep his bike balanced and leans to the side. This Cruzee UltraLite Balance Bike┬áis so cool because it comes in a ton of colors and you can start your children on them as young as 18 months and it fits up to 5 years old. We got the girls this Costzon Balance Bike Walking Bicycle but it doesn’t come in many colors. It is a great price and goes up to 7 years old.

5. Dress up clothes. My kids are big into dressing up. I usually grab costumes after Halloween is over when they are 90% off and saved them for Christmas. I got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume for Ace for only $5. And my best friend got the girls princess ones for under $10. I found this really cute Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk for $29.99 and it has 4 princess outfits with accessories and a trunk to put it all in. I think that is a pretty awesome deal.

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  1. I haven’t even started! It’s tough when your kids have everything! I completely agree with including a balance bike on the list. Not many people think of them, but they are such a great gift!

    1. Did your older children have them? I wish I had thought to get one for Ace but I can not wait to see the girls on them!

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