An Easy Way to Give Back this Holiday Season with Tackle Kids Cancer

When the holidays start we often talk about how we can help others. Many people have good intentions and say they will do something but then get caught up in their to do lists and that good deed falls to the waste side. Or maybe we don’t know how to help. There are so many organizations that it can be hard to choose.

This season I have partnered with Tackle Kids Cancer to bring awareness to the heartbreaking fact that children and parents are not only dealing with cancer diagnosis but spending holidays away from loved ones in the hospital. Tackle Kids Cancer funds pediatric cancer research and innovative patient care programs to help find a cure. One of the cancer patients, Becca, is even raising money for Tackle Kids Cancer by saving pennies. It’s as simple as saving pennies!

These are innocent children who are fighting for their lives. Did you know only 4% of cancer funding goes to childhood cancer? With the funding being so low it is important to get funding to help Tackle Kids Cancer. How can you help? Check out this link and see all the ways you can help. If you aren’t in a position to donate please share this post so others have the opportunity to donate to these sweet children. They deserve to live a long life free of cancer.

It’s not just about giving money, you can donate your time or planned gifts. The opportunities seem endless and this is your chance to help make a difference. So please share and help raise awareness to this amazing cause.

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