Happy Monday!

Hey guys! It’s Monday and I am going into it with a lot of positivity. We had a great weekend and I think that always helps going into a new week. What is that saying “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”? Something like that.

I figured I would do a blog post with a little update on us and what has been going on since my other posts have been more about holidays and charities. Please make sure you check those out though!

Friday my best friend, her Mom and I all went to a Vintage Market event in Jacksonville. It was so much fun to just have some girl time and check out all the awesome items people had for sale. I ended up getting new stockings for Branden and me, a gift for him and this cool wood piece for our table but now I am thinking it might be too rugged so it might end up at my besties house. We will see.

Saturday I spent the day hanging with the kids at home and getting ready for game night. We were having my best friend’s family over and we were making lots of yummy dips and finger foods. So good but seriously so many calories, ha! We played Clue with Ace and my friend’s daughter Brielle and the little girls decided to join in. Basically Kat and I deserve and award for trying to play that with all the kids. It was super hard to play with two little girls trying to move all the people and Ace showing me all his answers. It was fun but they definitely need a few years for a good game night.

The next day we had planned to take all the kids to an event called The Compassion Experience. It is seriously such an incredible thing to bring children to. They get to go through rooms showing what it is like for children in other countries. These children aren’t afforded the same luxuries and opportunities our children are. Many die due to hunger, disease and violence. It just makes you appreciate what you have and sparks giving in your heart. It was a little too intense for Ashlyn. She was really scared because the rooms were a bit dark and she really didn’t get what was going on. She ended up being scared that night an slept with us. She said she didn’t want to go to the stories anymore. Poor baby! So I would stick to 6 years old and up for this. It is a traveling event so check it out and definitely take your children!

After dinner and baths we took the kids to this old motel that has Christmas lights and it was so fun. I just love looking at lights. It has been something we have done every year and we usually go with my cousins so I was glad we got to go with my best friend and her family because it really is such a nice family event. All the little cousins walking around together and loving on each other is the best. I’m so glad my kids get to have these memories.

Another fun thing we started on Friday was theĀ Elf on the Shelf and by fun I am mean it’s not. Just kidding it is fun for our kids but I hate having to remember to move it. Kat and I both forgot to move ours after game night so we told the kids we were all up too late so the Elf didn’t have time to fly back to Santa. They believed it.

So now here we are, Monday morning. I am starting this week with a jump start into the 21 Day Fix. Anyone doing this or have done this? I have done it in the past and it was a great way to get back on track with eating healthy. With all the visitors we have for Thanksgiving and just eating crap because of how busy we have been it will be nice to kind of reboot our systems. If you are interested in following along with me while I do it make sure you follow me on Instagram or Facebook. I will post updates on there as well.

And please enter my giveaway for a Minted gift card! Minted isn’t just for Christmas cards but they have awesome decor as well.

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