5 Ways to Unwind as a Busy Mom

Being a Mom is the most amazing thing you can ever imagine. You have these little people who are obsessed with and love you so fiercely it can feel unreal. Like, who knew I was so cool, right?

5 ways a busy mom can unwind

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But with that fierce love and obsession comes lots of whining for Mommy and pulling on your shirt for anything and everything they need, even if they can easily do it themselves. Days like that can be rough. You feel like you just need to not be touched or pulled on for a hot minute.

I remember being super overwhelmed once when Ace was a baby because I just couldn’t seem to manage all his needs plus mine and getting everything else done. I had also just lost my parents and was just not myself. My cousin Teresa helped me out a lot during this time. She was that person who took on a Mom role with me because I desperately needed that guidance Moms usually give to their daughters when they have little toddlers who are driving them a bit nuts. She said that a lot of this is just that he is so attached to you and it is a good thing. You are his world, his everything. And I think we all logically know this but when you sit back and really think about it it’s so true. They can’t help their constant need for us. There is just something about a Mom.

So with that constant need and want comes stress and need for time to unwind. Moms deserve that time because we need to be our best selves with our children. Here is some ways to unwind when you are feeling overwhelmed by your children.

After the children are in bed take a bath.

I did this every night when Everly was a baby. I would put some amazing smelling soap in the water, fill the tub and read a book or a magazine. Everly had colic and cried almost all day so this was something I needed. I had that time to just have peace and quiet in a house full of 3 children under 3. It also gave me time to just clear my head after a long day.

Go for a walk.

This can be done with or without children. Again I did this every day with my friend Melissa after Ace went to preschool. I would stick the girls in their stroller and we would just walk. Sometimes (ok a lot of times) Everly would cry because that’s all she did back then but something about getting out in the fresh air and walking just helped me feel better. Now I go for a walk with the girls and I look forward to it. I love playing music on my phone and we just go. Sometimes they will walk with me but usually they like to hang out in their new double jogger stroller because it’s pretty awesome. I love that it also relaxes them and helps them just enjoy the peace of being outside and enjoying what is around them.


When I was in middle and high school I would write in a journal almost every night. It was so therapeutic. I feel like journaling is a great way to just get any negative or overwhelming thoughts out of your head so you can focus on what is important. You can also do a gratitude journal which I think is helpful in focusing on all the good things we have in our lives. Life can be tough at times but I feel like for me there is always something I can be grateful for.

Cuddle up on the couch and watch a show.

Once I became a Mom I rarely got the opportunity to just lay on the couch and watch tv. Is this just me? I am constantly doing something around the house, playing with kids, blogging or running errands. If I can just cuddle up with a cozy blanket on the couch and watch a really good show it brings me back to laid back college days and who didn’t love those days?

Wake up before everyone else.

I know, I know, wake up early if I don’t have to? Yep! I used to do this every morning when I was working. I had to be at work super early so in the mornings I was alone to just do my make up, hair and drink coffee in peace and loved it! It was my time to just prep for my day without anyone asking for anything while I was trying to get ready. I would even do this on weekends. Maybe I should start doing this again because I loved it so much.

Do you have any other ideas of how you unwind? What helps you? Let me know in the comments! 

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