2018 Goals and Resolutions

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had an amazing holiday. Our Christmas was relaxing and filled with lots of fun. I really wanted to make a post about my 2018 goals and resolutions for the new year. This will be the first New Years in our new house so I can’t wait to keep working towards making it more us.

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My big resolution this year is being more organized with my time. This way when I sit down to blog, I can do just that. If I am going to go do something with my children than I don’t have to stress about getting anything else done. With three children time is precious so I really want to be more intentional with my time and make it count.


I love to go through things and get rid of anything I don’t use or want anymore. It is so freeing. I do this often with my children’s toys and clothes because they grow out of their stuff so quickly that it is easy. I need to turn the focus back on myself and get my stuff under control. Mostly my clothes. Now that I am not working I really need to go through my old work clothes and decide what is worth keeping and what isn’t. If you need some good books to help motivate you I highly suggest reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing and A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living. They will really motivate you to get yourself in organizing and cleaning mode.


I think every year most people make a resolution to be healthier. Whether that is to lose weight, eat better or work out. For me it is just taking the small things I do and going the next step further. I want to always be an example for my children and this might be the most important one I show them. Branden and I are setting up our extra room off our living room into a home gym. I like going on walks with the girls and when they were babies my favorite thing to do at the gym was the exercise bikes. I ended up buying this one (it’s on sale!) from Amazon to put in there so that way there is no excuse. I also have some free weights, medicine ball and yoga mat to add in there as well. A couple of my friends want to come workout with me so I think doing it as a group will be a great way to stay accountable.


I am big on family time. I love doing things with my husband and children. We only have so much time just us five and it will go by quick. I want to cherish their time as little ones so for me making them my priority is important. It is something I strive to do everyday. But this year I want to step it up more since the kids are getting older. I want to dedicate one night to just spending time together as a family. My thought it we do an activity together whether it is play doh, a game or a craft, going to the park or beach, or even just reading some books. Then we have a show that is our family show. I was thinking America’s Funniest Home Videos. I remember watching that on Sunday nights with my family growing up. I loved it. My kids also love the show so that helps. With activities, school and Branden’s work schedule it can be tough to all just settle down one night a week and be completely present so this is something I really hope we can workout.


And of course, last but not least, is blogging. I want to get my blog off the ground more. It took a huge backseat to life when I went back to work. Now that I am home with the girls I can put more focus on it. I love blogging and the community it brings so it is definitely a priority for me. I would love to do more sponsored posts, guest posts and home posts along with my regular mom and life posts. If you have any posts you would like to see please feel free to comment below with your ideas.

So those are my resolutions. Nothing too out of the ordinary but putting it out there into the universe will hopefully motivate me to keep them. I know we all have the best of intentions in the new year and some of us fail or get caught up with life but remember even if you have a bad day, week or month you can always start fresh the next day. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year.

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