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Happy Friday!! Who is ready for the weekend? I definitely am. I have a sore throat so I am ready to get some more sleep and not have to rush to get kids ready for school.

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So many things to talk about. First of all can we talk about This is Us?! I mean, that ending. How tragic.  I want your thoughts on what you think is going to happen on the next episode with the fire. Seriously, give me your predictions because I feel like there are so many different theories.

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I am also curious on how everyone is doing with their New Years resolutions and goals? Did you make any? If so are you sticking with them? So far I have been great with being healthier. I need to pick up my blogging goal but that has more to do with getting more organized and hopefully by March things will all be good to go so stay tuned.

toddler preschooler with glasses

Did I mention on here that Ashlyn got glasses? She got them right before the new year and it has been a struggle. I think we need to find a better pair for her. As of right now she wears them at school and if we are doing things where she needs to see close up. She hates wearing them when she plays and will randomly put them somewhere or leave them on the floor. Super fun. She is starting t-ball with Ace in a few weeks so I need to find some that work best for sports as well. Give me all your advice on this one!

If you watch my stories on Instagram you may have seen we got an Instant Pot! This, my friends, is life changing. Go get yourself one so you really can live your best life. We were at the park super late the night it was delivered and decided to make chicken noodle soup and it literally took us like 15 minutes total to get it done. We cut up celery, carrots, onions, threw in the chicken, spinach and chicken broth, turned in on for 5 minutes and it was done. It was so good too. The kids actually ate it which was a miracle in itself. We got this one and it’s awesome.

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Another exciting event that has been in the works is our home renovations. We are taking it slow but first up is our floors. When we moved in our living room had carpet and it is sunken in. We aren’t fans so we ripped out the carper (and have been living with cement floors since the second week of January) and will be filling in the sunken in living room when we go on our cruise (hopefully). Then we are going to ripped up the floors in the office, entry and dining room (Lord help us!) and putting in tile that looks like wood. If you have advice on this get at me! I am praying this all goes as planned and well. Eventually we will also do the rooms as well. I really want to renovate our kitchen but that has to wait. Our backsplash and counter tops are really dated and our cabinets are too but they are such great quality that I would hate to touch them. We shall see on that but for now the floors are going to be our big project. I can not wait!

So that is the run down on my life lately and all the advice I seriously need. Help a girl out! Comment here or on Instagram or Facebook. Or join my new Facebook Group for all your awesome Moms out there!

Thanks everyone!

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  1. The Instant Pot is on my list of things to buy!
    I have a feeling the next episode of This Is Us is going to be difficult to get through. I think he’s going to die going back in to save the dog, but I have heard other theories.

    1. I am totally thinking he goes in to save the dog or Kate goes in to try to save the dog and he goes in to save her. I think its going to be a big time tear jerker for sure.

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